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William Penn

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Born October 14, 1644, London, England

William Penn - Trivia powered by ABEWilliam Penn was founder and "Absolute Proprietor" of the Province of Pennsylvania, the English North American colony and the future U.S. state of Pennsylvania. He was known as an early champion of democracy and religious freedom and famous for his good relations and his treaties with the Lenape Indians. Under his direction, Philadelphia was planned and developed.

Died July 30, 1718 (age 73), Berkshire, England

During his second attempt to sell Pennsylvania back to the Crown in 1712, Penn suffered a stroke. A second stroke several months later left him unable to speak or take care of himself. He slowly lost his memory.

Penn died penniless, in 1718, at his home in Ruscombe, near Twyford in Berkshire.

Where is William Penn buried?

  • Old Jordans Cemetery, Jordans, Buckingham, England
  • Burial Hill, Plymouth, Massachusetts
  • Tennessee State Capitol Building and Grounds, Nashville, Tennessee

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Angels on your pillowOld Jordans Cemetery, Jordans, Buckingham, England

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