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Hugh O'Connor

What do you know about Hugh O'Connor?  Take this Where Are Famous People Buried quiz.
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the page.

1) Hugh O'Connor was born April 7, 1962.Hugh O�Connor
WHERE was he born?

  1. Rome, Italy

  2. Dublin, Ireland

  3. London, England

  4. Madrid, Spain

2) Hugh was the adopted son of actor Carroll O'Connor.
WHAT movie was actor Carroll O'Connor working on?

  1. Lonely Are the Brave

  2. Cleopatra

  3. By Love Possessed

  4. In Harm's Way

3) Hugh was named after Carroll O'Connor's brother, who died in a motorcycle accident.
WHEN did Carroll O'Connor's brother die?

  1. 1959

  2. 1960

  3. 1961

  4. 1962

4) When he was 16, WHAT was Hugh diagnosed with?

  1. heart disease

  2. Neuropsychiatric conditions

  3. tuberculosis

  4. Hodgkins Lymphoma

5) WHAT 1985 TV movie did Hugh play James Flynn?

  1. Brass

  2. Warning Shot

  3. Hawaii

  4. Not with My Wife, You Don't!

6) WHO did he play in the TV series, In the Heat of the Night?

  1. Parker Williams

  2. Lonnie Jamison

  3. Randy Goode

  4. Charlie Peake

7) On March 28, 1992, WHO did Hugh marry?

  1. Ashley Clayton

  2. Angelica Clayton

  3. Angela Clayton

  4. Andrea Clayton

8) Hugh's wife gave birth to their son in 1993.
WHAT is the son's name?

  1. Arthur Carroll O'Connor

  2. Dennis Carroll O'Connor

  3. Sam Carroll O'Connor

  4. Sean Carroll O'Connor

9) On March 28, 1995, the third anniversary of Hugh's marriage, he called his father to tell him he was going to end his life. He told his father he believed he could not beat the drugs and could not face another drug rehabilitation program. Carroll O'Connor called the police, who arrived at Hugh's Pacific Palisades, California home just as he shot himself in the head.
WHAT did the police later determined he had in his blood.

  1. Cocaine

  2. Morphine

  3. Marijuana

  4. Anti-metabolites

10) He has a cenotaph at his father's gravesite, leading many people to believe that he is buried there. WHERE was Hugh O'Connor buried?

  1. Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Concord, Massachusetts

  2. Cremated, ashes buried at the Church of St. Susanna, Rome, Italy

  3. Spencer Estate Grounds, Great Brington, Northampton, England

  4. Clonmacnoise Cemetery, Clonmacnoise, County Offaly, Ireland

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