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Ramón Novarro

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Ramón NovarroBirth: February 2, 1899

Ramón Novarro was a Mexican actor who achieved fame as a "Latin lover" in silent films.

In 1925, he achieved his greatest success in Ben-Hur, with his revealing costumes causing a sensation, and Novarro was elevated into the Hollywood elite. With Valentino's death in 1926, he became the screen's leading Latin actor, though ranked behind his MGM stablemate, John Gilbert, as a model lover. He was popular as a swashbuckler in action roles, and was also considered one of the great romantic lead actors of his day.

Died October 30, 1968 (age 69)

Novarro was murdered by two teenage brothers, Tom and Paul Ferguson, whom he had hired from an agency to come to his Laurel Canyon home for sex.

Where are the famous buried?

  • Cremated, ashes given to family
  • Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills), Los Angeles, California
  • Calvary Cemetery, Los Angeles, California

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