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Arthur MacArthur

Awarded the Medal of Honor

Born: June 2, 1845, Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts
Died: September 5, 1912, (age 67), Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Arthur MacArthur - Trivia powered by ABELieutenant General Arthur MacArthur, Jr., was a United States Army General. He became the military governor of the American-occupied Philippines in 1900 but his term ended a year later due to clashes with the civilian governor, future President William Howard Taft.

What do you know about Arthur MacArthur? Try this Medal of Honor quick quiz.

1. At the outbreak of the Civil War, he was living in Wisconsin and immediately joined the , seeing action at Chickamauga, Stones River, Chattanooga, the Atlanta Campaign and Franklin. What was the unit he was in?

  • 1st Wisconsin Volunteer Cavalry
  • 24th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
  • 99th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry

2. Date of issue: June 30, 1890. Seized the colors of his regiment at a critical moment and planted them on the captured works on the crest of Missionary Ridge. What was Arthur's rank?

  • First Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • Colonel

3. MacArthur left the Army in June 1865 and began the study of law, but it was not for him and he returned to his first love, the Army, on February 23, 1866, receiving a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Regular Army's, with a promotion the following day to First Lieutenant. He was promoted in September of that year to Captain, due to his Civil War record. What regiment was he a member of?

  • U.S. 7th Infantry Regiment
  • U.S. 17th Infantry Regiment
  • U.S. 27th Infantry Regiment

4. In 1884, what post did MacArthur become the commander of?

  • Fort Selden, New Mexico
  • Fort Grant, Arizona
  • Fort Verde, Arizona

5. When was he promoted to Assistant Adjutant General of the Army?

  • 1889
  • 1900
  • 1905

6. When he arrived in the Philippines he took command of the 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, VIII Corps. What battle did he command the Army units?

  • Battle of Tonkin Gulf
  • Battle of Manila (1898)
  • Battle of Batan (1899)

7. Who named Arthur MacArthur Military Governor of the Philippines?

  • William McKinley
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • William Howard Taft

8. MacArthur retired from the Army on June 2, 1909, the day that he turned 64.

  • Fact or Myth?

9. On September 5, 1912, he went to Milwaukee to make an address. While on the dais, he suffered a massive heart attack and died there. What was the address about?

  • Civil War unit reunion
  • American Indian War unit reunion
  • Meeting with senior Army officers

10. Where is Arthur MacArthur buried?

  • Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, District of Columbia, District Of Columbia
  • MacArthur Memorial, Norfolk, Norfolk city, Virginia,
  • Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia

Arthur MacArthur Answers

  • 1. 24th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
  • 2. First Lieutenant
  • 3. U.S. 17th Infantry Regimen
  • 4. Fort Selden, New Mexico
  • 5. 1889
  • 6. Battle of Manila (1898)
  • 7. William McKinley
  • 8. Fact
  • 9. Civil War unit reunion
  • Angels on your pillow10. Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia
    Plot: Section 2, Lot 845-A

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