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James Monroe

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In office: March 4, 1817 March 4, 1825

Born: April 28, 1758, Westmoreland County, Virginia

James MonroeJames Monroe was the fifth President of the United States (18171825). His administration was marked by the acquisition of Florida (1819); the Missouri Compromise (1820), in which Missouri was declared a slave state; the admission of Maine in 1820 as a free state; and the profession of the Monroe Doctrine (1823), declaring U.S. opposition to European interference in the Americas, as well as breaking all ties with France remaining from the War of 1812.

Died: July 4, 1831 (age 73), New York City, New York

Monroe moved to New York City to live with his daughter Maria Hester Monroe Gouverneur who had married Samuel L. Gouverneur in the first White House wedding. Monroe died there from heart failure and tuberculosis, becoming the third president to die on the 4th of July.

He was originally buried in New York at the Gouverneur family's vault in the New York City Marble Cemetery. Twenty-seven years later in 1858 he was re-interred.

Where is James Monroe buried?

  • Montpelier Estate National Historic Site, Montpelier Station, Virginia
  • Mount Olivet Cemetery, Saginaw, Michigan
  • Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia

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Angels on your pillowHollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia

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