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Vic Morrow

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Vic MorrowVictor "Vic" Morrow was an American actor.

Birth: February 14, 1929
New York City, New York

Morrow's first movie role was in Blackboard Jungle (1955). After this movie, he went into television and was cast in the TV series Combat! (1962-1967), in which he also worked as a television director. After Combat! ended, he worked in made-for-TV movies and several films. Morrow appeared in two episodes of Australian-produced anthology series The Evil Touch (1973), one of which he also directed. He memorably played the homicidal sheriff alongside Martin Sheen in the 1974 TV film The California Kid, and had a key role in the 1976 comedy The Bad News Bears.

Death: July 23, 1982 (age 53)

Vic Morrow, My-Ca Dinh Le, and Renee Shin-Yi Chen were shooting a scene for the Vietnam sequence of Twilight Zone: The Movie. They were running from a pursuing helicopter. The helicopter was flying at a low level when pyrotechnic explosions caused the helicopter to lose control and crash on top of the three. Morrow and Le were both decapitated by the blades; Chen was fatally crushed underneath the helicopter's landing skid. The helicopter crew received minor injuries.

Where are they buried?

  • Saint Charles Cemetery, Farmingdale, New York
  • Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery, Culver City, California
  • Cremated, ashes scattered

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Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery, Culver City, California

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