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Robert Mitchum

Born: August 6, 1917, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Died: July 1, 1997 (age 79), Santa Barbara, California

Robert MitchumRobert Mitchum (Robert Charles Durman Mitchum) was an Academy Award nominated American film actor, author, composer and singer. Mitchum is largely remembered for his starring roles in several major works of the film noir style, and is considered a forerunner of the anti-heroes prevalent in film during the 1950s and 1960s.

1. An agent he had met got him an interview with the producer of a series of B-westerns; he was hired to play the villain in several films in the series between 1942 and 1943. What was the series?

  • Hopalong Cassidy
  • Lone Ranger
  • Roy Rogers

2. Nevada is a 1944 western movie based on a Zane Grey novel and starring a 27-year-old Robert Mitchum, with Anne Jeffreys, Guinn "Big Boy" Williams, and Richard Martin in supporting roles.

  • True or False?

3. Heading west for his health, Colonel Lambeth takes his daughter Rill along. Lost on the desert they are saved by Pecos and Chito. The Colonel hires the two and the Lambeths soon find themselves mixed up in Pecos' trouble. Pecos has killed Sawtelle's brother and Sawtelle as head of the vigilantes is after him. What is the movie?

  • West of the Pecos
  • Riders of the Deadline
  • Bar 20

4. In the coast range mountains on the western edge of the Salinas Valley is a ranch where Tom, a lad of about ten, longs for a pony. He lives with his mom, who was born there, her dad, a talkative pioneer who misses the old West, Tom's dad Fred Tiflin, who comes from the city and after years on the ranch doesn't feel at home there, and Billy, their trusted hand, a real cowboy. While Fred has to sort out whether he wants to stay a rancher and come to terms with his son being closer to Billy than to himself, Tom gets a pony and learns directly about responsibility and loss. What is the movie?

  • Out of the Past
  • The Red Pony
  • Fury

5. River of No Return is a 1954 western film made by 20th Century Fox in CinemaScope and directed by Otto Preminger. The film stars Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe with Rory Calhoun. Who played Matt Calder’s (Robert Mitchum) son, Mark?

  • Tommy Rettig
  • Johnny Crawford
  • Kurt Russell

6. El Dorado is a 1967 western movie starring John Wayne and Robert Mitchum. Who played Mississippi?

  • James Caan
  • Arthur Hunnicutt
  • Jim Davis

7. The Way West is a 1967 epic western film based on the novel by A. B. Guthrie, Jr.. The film stars Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum, Richard Widmark. Who had their first film role?

  • Sally Field
  • Harrison Ford
  • Jill Ireland

8. Gambler Van Morgan runs a little card game in town but one night things get out of hand. A stranger amateurishly tries to cheat and, though Morgan tries to stop it, his fellow players string him up. Soon afterwards, the men who were in the lynch mob start being murdered, one after another; all by hanging. Who will be killed next and who is responsible? Is it one of the original party seeking to cover their accursed deed, or perhaps the mysterious Rev. Jonathan Rudd (Robert Mitchum). Who played Van Morgan?

  • Rex Allen
  • Dean Martin
  • Jerry Lewis

9. Robert Mitchum is the narrator Tombstone (1993).

  • True or False?

10. He recorded a song he had written for a film , titled "The Ballad of Thunder Road." The country-styled song became a modest hit for Mitchum, reaching #69 on the Billboard Pop Singles Chart. What was the film he wrote it for?

  • Thunder Road
  • Stock Car Tennessee
  • Riding High

11. Mitchum died due to complications of lung cancer and emphysema.

  • True or False

12. Where are the famous buried?

  • Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, Los Angeles, California
  • Mount Olivet Cemetery, Saginaw, Michigan
  • Cremated, ashes scattered at sea


  1. Hopalong Cassidy
  2. True
  3. West of the Pecos
  4. The Red Pony
  5. Tommy Rettig
  6. James Caan
  7. Sally Field
  8. Dean Martin
  9. True
  10. Thunder Road
  11. True
  12. Angels on your pillowCremated, ashes scattered at sea

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