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Where Are Famous People Buried Trivia

Where Are Famous People Buried Trivia is a online guide to more than 33 profiles of the lives, deaths, and final resting places of memorable figures from sports, music, film, television, literature, politics, and more... The W-Alphabetical Listings include:


  • Honus Wagner (Baseball Hall of Fame Player)
  • Porter Wagoner was an American country music singer. Famous for his flashy Nudie suits and blond pompadour, Wagoner introduced a young Dolly Parton to his long-running television show.
  • Samuel Hamilton Walker was a Texas Ranger captain and military officer of the Republic of Texas and the United States armies. Walker served in several armed conflicts, including the Indian and the Mexican-American wars.
  • Bill Walsh was an American head football coach of the San Francisco 49ers and Stanford University, during which time he popularized the West Coast Offense. Walsh went 102-63-1 with the 49ers, winning ten of his fourteen postseason games along with six division titles, three NFC Championship titles, and three Super Bowls. He was named the NFL's coach of the year in 1981 and 1984.
  • Jay Ward was an American creator and producer of animated television cartoons. He is known for producing animated series based on characters such as Crusader Rabbit, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Dudley Do-Right, Peabody and Sherman, Hoppity Hooper, George of the Jungle, Tom Slick and Super Chicken.
  • George Washington George Washington served as the first President of the United States of America (1789-1797), and led the Continental Army to victory over the Kingdom of Great Britain in the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783).
  • Muddy Waters McKinley Morganfield, better known as Muddy Waters, was an blues musician and is generally considered "the Father of Chicago Blues".
  • John Wayne (Marion Robert [Michael] Morrison) was an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award-winning American film actor. He epitomized rugged masculinity and has become an enduring American icon. He is famous for his distinctive voice, walk and physical presence. His career began in silent movies in the 1920s and he was a major star from the 1940s to the 1970s. 
  • Dennis Weaver  was an Emmy Award-winning American actor, best known for his work in television, including roles on Gunsmoke, as Marshal Sam McCloud on the NBC police drama McCloud and in Steven Spielberg's feature-length directorial debut, the cult TV movie Duel in 1971.
  • Doodles Weaver was an American comedian on radio and television. He was the brother of NBC-TV executive Sylvester "Pat" Weaver and the uncle of actress Sigourney Weaver.
  • Jack Webb was an Emmy-nominated American actor, television producer, director, and writer who is most famous for his role as Sergeant Joe Friday in the radio and television series Dragnet. He was also the founder of his own production company, Mark VII Productions.
  • Richard Webb was a film, television and radio actor. He was born in Bloomington, Illinois.
  • Lawrence Welk was a musician, accordionist, bandleader, and television impresario, hosting The Lawrence Welk Show from 1951 to 1982. 
  • William Wellman was an American movie director, noted for directing the film which received the first Academy Award for Best Picture, Wings (1927). 
  • William C. Westmoreland was an American General who commanded American military operations in the Vietnam War at its peak from 1964 to 1968 and who served as U.S. Army Chief of Staff from 1968 to 1972.
  • William Whipple, Jr. (historical)
  • Richard Widmark (actor)
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder (writer)
  • Ted Williams (baseball player)
  • Robert McAlpin Williamson  He was a Republic of Texas Supreme Court Justice, state lawmaker and Texas Ranger. Williamson County, Texas is named for him.
  • Dick Wilson (actor)
  • Jackie Wilson (singer)
  • Justin Wilson (chef)
  • Woodrow Wilson (U.S. President
  • Whip Wilson (actor)
  • Edward Winslow (Colonial America)
  • Josiah Winslow (Colonial America)
  • Shelly Winters (actress)
  • Grant Withers (actor)
  • Natalie Wood (actress)
  • Andrew Wyeth (artist)
  • N.C. Wyeth (artist)
  • Jane Wyman (actress)
  • Tammy Wynette (singer)

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