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Joseph Johnson

Born: December 19, 1785, Orange County, New York
Died: February 27, 1877 (91), Bridgeport, Virginia (now West Virginia)

Joseph Johnson - Trivia powered by ABEJoseph Johnson was a United States Representative and was Governor of Virginia from 1852 to 1855. He moved with his mother to Belvidere, New Jersey in 1791 and thence to in 1801.

What do you know about Joseph Johnson? Try this Folk Quick Quiz.

1. What was his primary business?

  • Agriculture
  • General store owner
  • Funeral home director

2. What was his duties during the War of 1812 in a Virginia rifle company?

  • Captain
  • Private
  • Sergeant

3. What year did he first become a member of Virginia House of Delegates?

  • 1815
  • 1818
  • 1855

4. From 1823 to 1827, where legislative organization was he a member?

  • U.S. House of Representative
  • U.S. Senate
  • Secretary of War

5. He was a member of the Committee on Expenditures on Public Buildings. What position did he hold in the committee?

  • Chairman
  • Member
  • Judge

6. In Congress, he filled the vacancy caused by the death. Serving from January 21 to March 3, 1833, who did he fill the vacancy of?

  • Philip Doddridge
  • Roger Clark
  • Henry Simpson

7. He was elected to the Twenty-ninth Congress (March 4, 1845-March 3, 1847); he was chairman, Committee on Revolutionary Claims.

  • Fact or Myth?

8. In 1848, what legislative body did he become a member of?

  • Virginia House of Delegates
  • West Virginia House of Delegates
  • Confederate States House of Delegates

9. From 1851 to 1856, what was his governmental duties?

  • Speaker of U.S. House of Representatives
  • Speaker Virginia House of Delegates
  • Governor of Virginia

10. Where is Joseph Johnson buried?

  • Old Brick Church Cemetery, Bridgeport, West Virginia
  • Greenlawn Cemetery, Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia
  • Odd Fellows Cemetery, Clarksburg, West Virginia

Joseph Johnson Answers

  1. Agriculture
  2. Captain
  3. 1815
  4. U.S. House of Representative
  5. Chairman
  6. Philip Doddridge
  7. Fact
  8. Virginia House of Delegates
  9. Governor of Virginia
  10. Angels on your pillowOld Brick Church Cemetery, Bridgeport, West Virginia

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