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Alec Guinness

What do you know about Alec Guinness?  Enjoy this Alec Guinness quiz. 
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

1) Sir Alec Guinness, CH, CBE was born at 155 Lauderdale Mansions South, Lauderdale Road, Maida Vale, London as Alec Guinness de Cuffe.
WHAT was the date of birth?Alec Guinness

  1. April 2, 1914

  2. April 12, 1914

  3. April 22, 1914

  4. April 30, 1914

2) Guinness’ first job in the theatre was on his 20th birthday, while he was still a drama student, in the play which opened at the old King's Theatre.
WHAT was the play?

  1. Taste of Honey

  2. Libel

  3. Kings Men

  4. Riders in the Sky

3) WHO did Guinness serve with during World War 2?

  1. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

  2. Royal Army Volunteer Reserve

  3. Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve

  4. Royal Marine Volunteer Reserve

4) In Great Expectations (1946), WHO did Guinness play?

  1. Phillip "Pip" Pirrip

  2. Joe Gargery

  3. Bentley Drummle

  4. Herbert Pocket

5) Oliver Twist (1948) is the second of David Lean's two film adaptations of Charles Dickens novels. WHO did Guinness play in the movie.

  1. Fagin

  2. Oliver Twist

  3. Mr. Brownlow

  4. Bill Sikes

6) The Card (1952) was a black-and-white film version of the novel by Arnold Bennett. It was known as The Promoter for its American audience. The film follows the adventures and misadventures of Edward Henry (Denry) Machin, an ambitious young man from a poor background, played by Alec Guinness.
WHO played Nellie Cotterill, Machin’s love interest?

  1. Valerie Hobson

  2. Petula Clark

  3. Glynis Johns

  4. Veronica Turleigh

7) Guinness won the 1957 Best Actor Oscar for his role in The Bridge on the River Kwai. WHAT character did he play?

  1. US Navy Commander/Seaman Shears

  2. Major Warden

  3. Lieutenant Colonel Nicholson

  4. Major Clipton

8) WHAT is NOT a David Lean movies that Guinness performed in?

  1. Lawrence of Arabia

  2. Doctor Zhivago

  3. A Passage to India

  4. Ryan's Daughter

9) WHAT year was Guinness was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars?

  1. 1977

  2. 1979

  3. 1981

  4. 1983

10) WHEN did Guinness marry the artist, playwright and actress Merula Sylvia Salaman?

  1. 1936

  2. 1938

  3. 1940

  4. 1942

11) WHEN did Guinness died from liver cancer, at Midhurst in West Sussex, England?

  1. August 5, 1996

  2. August 5, 1998

  3. August 5, 2000

  4. August 5, 2002

12) WHERE was Alec Guinness buried?

  1. Oughterard Churchyard, Oughterard, County Kildare, Ireland

  2. Coldstream, Coldstream, Scottish Borders, Scotland

  3. St John-at-Hampstead Churchyard, Hampstead, Greater London, England

  4. Petersfield Cemetery, Petersfield, Hampshire, England

Alec Guinness [Answers]

1) A. 2) B. 3) C. 4) D. 5) A. 6) B. 7) C. 8) D. 9) A. 10) B. 11) C. 12) D

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