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Paul Fix

Born: March 13, 1901, Dobbs Ferry, New York
Died: October 14, 1983 (age 82), Los Angeles, California

Paul Fix - Trivia powered by ABEPaul Fix was an American film and television character actor, best known for his work in westerns. Fix appeared in over a hundred movies and dozens of television shows over a 56-year career spanning from 1925 to 1981.

What do you know about Paul Fix? Try this Western Stars Quick Quiz.

1. Fix was 17 years old when he joined the Navy during World War I. What ship was he assigned too?

  • U.S.S. John Wayne
  • U.S.S. Rifleman
  • U.S.S. Mount Vernon

2. Discharged on September 5, 1919, Fix went back to his girlfriend Frances (Taddy) Harvey, whom he had left behind in Zanesville, Ohio. What year did they get married?

  • 1920
  • 1922
  • 1924

3. Paul and Taddy moved to Hollywood. Who became his best friend in the early Hollywood years?

  • John Wayne
  • Gary Cooper
  • Clark Gable

4. What is his first Western in 1926?

  • The Perfect Clown
  • Hoodoo Ranch
  • The First Kiss

5. In 1931, Paul plays Jack Cameron in The Fighting Sheriff? Who is the star of the movie?

  • Gene Autry
  • Buck Jones
  • Col. Tim McCoy

6. Paul Fix would appear with another Western legend, John Wayne, in 26 films, starting in 1931. What was the movie?

  • Three Girls Lost
  • The Perfect Clown
  • Ladies Love Brutes

7. Paul is in Tall in the Saddle (1944) with John Wayne. What is his other credit with the film?

  • Director
  • Screenplay Writer
  • Producer

8. In 1958 he co-stars in the TV series The Rifleman. How many episodes did he play Marshal Micah Torrance?

  • 148
  • 168
  • 172

9. Fix died in Los Angeles, California, what was the cuse of death?

  • Kidney failure
  • Heart failure
  • Lung failure

10. Where is Paul Fix buried?

  • Eternal Hills Memorial Park, Oceanside, California
  • Oakwood Memorial Park, Chatsworth, California
  • Woodlawn Cemetery, Santa Monica, California

Paul Fix Answers

  1. U.S.S. Mount Vernon
  2. 1922
  3. Clark Gable
  4. Hoodoo Ranch
  5. Buck Jones
  6. Three Girls Lost
  7. Screenplay Writer
  8. 148
  9. Kidney failure
  10. Angels on your pillowWoodlawn Cemetery, Santa Monica, California, USA
    Plot: Section 17, L-429 G-A

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