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Jack Elam

What do you know about Jack Elam
Take this Where Are Famous People Buried quiz.
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1) Where on November 13, 1920 was William Scott (Jack) Elam born?Jack Elam

  1. Miami, Arizona

  2. Miami, Florida

  3. Miami, Texas

  4. Miami, West Virginia

2) He lost the sight in his left eye during a boyhood accident when he was stabbed with a pencil at a Boy Scout meeting.

  • True or False?

3) Where did he graduate from high school?

  1. Miami High School

  2. Upper Moreland High School

  3. Phoenix Union High School

  4. Bridgeport High School

4) He attended Santa Monica Junior College in California and then became an accountant in Hollywood.
What movie mogul was one of his clients?

  1. Samuel Goldwyn

  2. Jack Warner

  3. Jesse L. Lasky,

  4. Floyd Mayer

5) In 1949, Elam made his debut in an exploitation film where a chorus girl's marijuana smoking ruins her career and drives her brother to suicide.
What was the movie?

  1. 4 for Texas

  2. The Night of the Grizzly

  3. The Rare Breed

  4. She Shoulda Said No!

6) In 1963, he got a rare chance to play the good guy when he played the part of Deputy Marshal J.D. Smith in , a TV western that ran for only nineteen episodes.
What was the TV Western?

  1. The Dakotas

  2. Frontier

  3. Gunsmoke

  4. Home Improvement

7) Elam was given his first comedic role, after which he found his villainous assignments dwindling and his comic roles increasing.
What was the movie?

  1. The Far Country

  2. Rawhide

  3. High Noon

  4. Support Your Local Sheriff!

8) Elam was inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.
What was the year?

  1. 1974

  2. 1984

  3. 1994

  4. 2004

9) Elam died of congestive heart failure on October 20, 2003 at age 82.
What was the city?

  1. Ashland, Oregon

  2. Portland, Oregon

  3. Sun City, Arizona

  4. Seattle, Washington

10) Where is Jack Elam buried?

  1. Common Burying Ground and Island Cemetery in Newport, Arizona

  2. Church Green Cemetery, Phoenix, Arizona

  3. Cremated, location of ashes is unknown

  4. Sunwest Cemetery, El Mirage, Arizona

Jack Elam

Angels on your pillow1) A. 2) True 3) C. 4) A. 5) D. 6) A. 7) D. 8) C. 9) A. 10) C.

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