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Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard

Born: May 28, 1818, St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana
Died: February 20, 1893, (age 74) New Orleans, Louisiana

Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard was a Louisiana-born author, civil servant, politician, inventor, and the first prominent general for the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War.

Beauregard was trained as a civil engineer at the United States Military Academy and served with distinction as an engineer in the Mexican-American War. 

He became the first Confederate brigadier general and commanded the defenses of Charleston, South Carolina, for the start of the Civil War at Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861. Three months later he was the victor at the First Battle of Bull Run near Manassas, Virginia.

P.G.T. Beauregard died in New Orleans.

Charge forward with this P.G.T. Beauregard quiz.

1. How high did he graduate in his West Point class?

2. Who was one of his teachers at West

3. During the Mexican-American War, Beauregard served as an engineer under General Winfield Scott.

4. What was his duties in charge of what the Engineer Department?

5. What was he promoted to on January 23, 1861?

6. What political party was he a member of after the Civil War?

7. Where is Beauregard buried?


1. He graduated second in his class in 1838 and excelled both as an artilleryman and military engineer.

2. One of his instructors was Robert Anderson, who would later become the commander of Fort Sumter and surrender to Beauregard at the start of the Civil War.

3. During the Mexican-American War, Beauregard served as an engineer under General Winfield Scott.

4. He was in charge of what the Engineer Department called "the Mississippi and Lake defenses in Louisiana." Despite this title, much of his engineering work was done elsewhere, repairing old forts and building new ones on the Florida coast and in Mobile, Alabama. He also improved the defenses of Forts St. Philip and Jackson on the Mississippi River below New Orleans. He worked on a board of Army and Navy engineers to improve the navigation of the shipping channels at the mouth of the Mississippi, and patented an invention he called a "self-acting bar excavator" to be used by ships in crossing bars of sand and clay.

5. Beauregard obtained an appointment to be superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy starting on January 23, 1861, but his orders were revoked and he relinquished the office after only five days when Louisiana seceded from the Union. He protested to the War Department that they had cast "improper reflection upon [his] reputation or position in the Corps of Engineers" by forcing him out before any hostilities began.

6. After the war, Beauregard spoke in favor of civil rights and voting for the recently freed slaves. Beauregard was a Democrat who worked to end Republican rule during Reconstruction.

Angels on your pillow7. Tomb of the Army of Tennessee, Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans.

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