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Jack Buetel

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Birth: September 5, 1915

Jack Buetel (Warren Higgins) was an American film actor.

Born in Dallas, Texas, Buetel moved to Los Angeles, California in the late 1930s with the intention of establishing a film career. Unable to find film work, he was employed as an insurance clerk when he was noticed by an agent who was impressed by his looks.

He was most notably a western actor in both film and television. He appeared in the films "Mustang" (1959), "Judge Roy Bean" (1956), "Jesse James' Women" (1954), "The Half Breed" (1952), "Best of The Badmen" (1951), and "The Outlaw" (1943), in which he played the role of Billy The Kid. On television he appeared in "Wagon Train" (1957-1965), "Hawaiian Eye" (1959-1963), "Maverick" (1957-1962), and "26 Men" (1957-1959).
Died June 27, 1989 (aged 73)

He died in Portland, Oregon.

Where are they buried?

  • San Fernando Mission Cemetery, Los Angeles, California
  • Laurel Land Memorial Park, Fort Worth, Texas
  • Portland Memorial Funeral Home and Mausoleum, Portland, Oregon

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Portland Memorial Funeral Home and Mausoleum, Portland, Oregon

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