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Barry Brown

Born: April 19, 1951, San Jose California
Died: June 25, 1978 (age 27), Los Angeles, California

Donald Barry Brown was the eldest child of Donald Bernard Brown and Vivian Brown (née Agrillo). He was an American author, playwright and actor who performed on stage and in television dramas and feature films, notably as Frederick Winterbourne in Peter Bogdanovich's Daisy Miller (1974), adapted from the classic Henry James novella (1878). Bogdanovich praised Brown's contribution to the film, describing him as "the only American actor you can believe ever read a book."

How much do you know about Barry Brown?  Try this quick quiz.

1. At the age of 10, he appears with Van Johnson in a stage production. What was the stage production?

2. Brown was 19 when he made his first major screen appearance. What was the movie?

3. His breakthrough role as the American Civil War draft dodger Drew Dixon in Robert Benton's critically acclaimed Bad Company (1972). Who was his co-star?

4. Who did he play opposite in the movie, Daisy Miller?

5. An authority on actors and film history, Brown was a contributor to Scream Queens: Heroines of the Horrors by Calvin Beck and Bhob Stewart. Published by Macmillan in 1978, the book features illustrated biographical profiles of 29 fantasy film actresses and directors. True or False?

6. Brown married Jennie Vlahos on March 4, 1972. When did it end in divorce? .

7. How did Brown die?

8. Where is Barry Brown buried?


1. "The Music Man"

2. Halls of Anger (1970)

3. Jeff Bridges.

4. Cybill Shepherd

5. True

6. May 1972

7. Brown used a gun to commit suicide at his home in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California.

Angels on your pillow8. Cremated, ashes scattered over the Chetco River

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