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Hasil Adkins

Born: April 29, 1937, Boone County, West Virginia
Died: April 25, 2005 (age 67), Boone County, West Virginia

Hasil Adkins (pronounced "Hassle," not "Haysil"), was an Appalachian country, rock and roll and blues musician, though he was frequently considered rockabilly and sometimes primitive jazz. 

He generally performed as a one-man band, playing guitar and drums at the same time and singing. Hasil was equally skilled on the harmonica and on keyboard.

What do you know about Hasil Adkins? Pick this West Virginia Folks Quick Quiz.

1. How many days of school did Adkins attend?

  • 6 days
  • 24 months
  • 12 years

2. Adkins grew up in a tarpaper shack on property rented from the local coal company.

  • Fact or Myth?

3. Who was Hasil's neighbor a.k.a. the Dancin' Outlaw from Boone County -- an Elvis disciple who now openly acknowledges Hasil's influence.

  • Jesco White
  • David Ray White
  • Chuck Yeager

4. Nicknamed "The Haze", Adkins claimed a repertoire of over 9,000 songs including over 7,000 original compositions, recorded scores of small, micro-label 45s, and is responsible for the birth of Norton Records, Psychobilly, and a dance called "The Hunch".

  • Fact or Myth?

5. His music can be sad, humorous, and/or frantic. He was well known for shrieking certain catchphrases. What was a catchphrase?

  • Big Mac
  • Ironsides
  • "AaaaaaaaaaaaaHeeeeeeeeeeee-Wooo!!!!"

6. Adkins often noted in interviews that his primary heroes and influences. Who was NOT a hero or influence?

  • Hank Williams Sr.
  • Col. Harlan Sanders, the inventor of Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Kevin Bacon

7. What was one of his best known songs?

  • "Country Roads"
  • "No More Hot Dogs"
  • "My Home is Mine, Not Yours"

8. Adkins recorded an entire album devoted to chickens such songs as "Chicken Run", "Chicken Hop", "Chicken Flop", "Chicken Wobble", and "Chicken On The Bone". What was the album's title?

  • Poultry in Motion
  • My Father was a Chicken
  • Chicken on the Hill

9. On April 15, 2005, Adkins was deliberately run over in his front yard by a teenager on an ATV. The perpetrator was apprehended by police (after running over another person a short distance down the road from Adkins' house), and Adkins identified him in a picture the police showed him. Ten days later, on April 25, Adkins was found dead in his home.

  • Fact or Myth?

10. Where is Hasil Adkins buried?

  • Maplewood Cemetery, Kingwood, West Virginia,
  • Van Buren Cemetery, Boone County, West Virginia
  • Oaklawn Memorial Park, Barboursville, West Virginia


  1. 6 days
  2. Fact
  3. Jesco White
  4. Fact
  5. "AaaaaaaaaaaaaHeeeeeeeeeeee-Wooo!!!!"
  6. Kevin Bacon
  7. "No More Hot Dogs"
  8. Poultry in Motion
  9. Fact
  10. Angels on your pillowVan Buren Cemetery, Boone County, West Virginia

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