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John Quincy Adams

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In office: March 4, 1825 March 4, 1829

Birth: July 11, 1767, Braintree (Quincy),  Massachusetts
Died: February 23, 1848 (aged 80), Washington, D.C.

John Quincy Adams was an American diplomat and politician who served as the sixth President of the United States from March 4, 1825 to March 4, 1829. He was a member of the Federalist, Democratic-Republican, National Republican, and later Anti-Masonic and Whig parties.

Adams was the son of the second President John Adams and his wife Abigail Adams. He was a diplomat, involved in many international negotiations, and helped formulate the Monroe Doctrine as Secretary of State. As president he proposed a program of modernization and educational advancement, but was stymied by Congress. Adams lost his 1828 bid for re-election to Andrew Jackson.

While preparing to address the House of Representatives on February 21, 1848, Adams collapsed, having suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage. Two days later, he died with his wife and son at his side in the Speaker's Room inside the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

Where is John Quincy Adams buried?

  • Elmwood Cemetery, Saint Paul, Nebraska
  • Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery, Snohomish, Washington
  • First Unitarian Church, Quincy, Massachusetts

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Angels on your pillowFirst Unitarian Church, Quincy, Massachusetts

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