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Pedro Armendariz

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Birth: May 9, 1912

Pedro Armendariz was a Mexican actor of the Cinema of Mexico and Hollywood. He began his acting career at the stage in Mexico City, entering films there in 1935. 

During the next years he made 42 Spanish-language films, among them "Maria Candelaria" (1943) and "La Perla" (1947), becoming one of Mexico`s top film stars. His first American film was "The Fugitive" for RKO in 1947.

Since then he costarred in more than 80 films in Hollywood, England, France, Germany and Italy. Credits include "Fort Apache" (1948), "Three Godfathers", "We Were Strangers" (1949), "El Bruto" (1952), "The Littlest Outlaw" (1955), "The Conqueror" (1956), "La Cucaracha" (1958) and "The Wonderful Country" (1959). W hen Armendariz was taken ill while filming the second James Bond film "From Russia With Love"

Death: June 18, 1963

Pedro Armend�riz began to suffer pain in his hips and years later it was discovered that he had cancer in these regions. Pedro learned his condition was terminal while at UCLA Medical Center. He reportedly acted in From Russia with Love while enduring great pain (he visibly limps in most scenes) in order to leave behind financial resources for his family after his impending death. He committed suicide soon after production of that film ended in Los Angeles, California. He was 51 years old.

Pantene Jordan, Distrito Federal, Baja California, Mexico

Where are they buried?

  • Woodlawn Memorial Park, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Glendale, California
  • Pante�n Jard�n, Distrito Federal, Baja California, Mexico


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Pante�n Jard�n, Distrito Federal, Baja California, Mexico

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