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Alan's FUN Trivia Quizzes

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Put your knowledge to good use while collecting points.  Collect 20 points and win the I Deserve Some Chocolate Award.

Playing the Game

Grab a sandwich, give yourself 10 minutes on the clock, and answer the questions.

  • If you guess correctly, give yourself a point and go to the next question.  If you guess incorrectly, take away a point.

  • Try to answer all ten questions on the page.  If you do, give yourself 1 points for each question you get right.

  • If you answer all questions on the page, give yourself a 2-point bonus.

  • If you score more than 20 points in 10 minutes, you win.  Collect 20 points in ten minutes or less and you're a winner!  If it's too easy, try to do it in 5 minutes or less.

Just print out the quiz and answer page.  Take them to your next picnic.  Have a little game and enjoy.


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