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The Six Amazing Myths of Grocery Shopping Savings

From time to time almost everyone needs or wants to save money. You cannot change some expenses easily, such as rent, car payments, and insurance. 

However, saving on food is a goal many try to do. You can adjust this budget item and it's not hard, if you set about it with planning.

The average American family today dines out and uses convenience foods far more often than families did 25 years ago. To save you must know certain shopping truths. To know how something works, you sometimes need to know what doesn't work.

Six smart shopping cart myths:

1.) To save money you have to use coupons.

Answer: False. You can save money on food without using coupons, but it takes a little more planning. Two-for-one item sales and special holiday sales can help particularly.

2.) You should always shop at wholesale stores.

Answer: False. OK, certain items, bought in quantity, may offer you important savings. However, the choice of what you need or want may not be there. Always price check!

3.) Always buy the store brands.

Answer: False. Sales regularly have brand names close, if not lower than the store brand. Then add a coupon or buy at a two-for-one sale, you may find the price lower.

4.) When you shop at several stores, you save more money.

Answer: False. This was a favorite of my aunt. However, how much is your time worth? Or, how much does the extra gas cost? Also, it is harder to keep to your list when you shop at more than one store? On a weekly basis, you will find one store will usually be your best buying location.

5.) Buying the largest package saves more.

Answer: False. The larger volume package does not always save money. Plus, is there any waste? Can you use it all?

6.) It takes a long time to prepare to save money.

Answer: False. You can plan your weekly grocery trip in less than one hour. An exception is for big events. Often, I do my grocery list by multi-tasking while watching my favorite TV show or eating breakfast.

Yes, each of the above six statements are incorrect. Do you want to save money? Take a look at how you are shopping and what assumptions you are making. Taking time to check out those assumptions may save you from making some costly mistakes. Also read our nine steps to grocery shopping savings.

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