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Tuna Salad Sandwich

This is a recipe Charlie the Tuna personally gave to me. Make sure you find tuna that is dolphin safe.

Sandwich Recipes from AlansKitchen.comMakes 4 sandwiches

Prep Time: 10 min


  •    1 - can (7-ounces) can tuna packed in spring water, drained

  • 1/4 - cup sweet relish

  • 1/2 - cup salad dressing (or mayonnaise)

  • 1/4 - teaspoon salt

  •    1 - tomato, thinly sliced

  •    4 - lettuce leaves

  •    8 - slices bread (your choice)

Cooking Directions:

  1. In a mixing bowl, place the tuna and then add the relish, salad dressing (or mayonnaise), and salt.

  2. Mix until the salad dressing (or mayonnaise) covers the tuna.  

  3. Spread tuna mixture on a slice of bread, add 2 tomato slices, a leaf of lettuce and top with an additional bread slice.

Picnicking & Tailgating:

You want to wrap each sandwich in plastic wrap, place in a plastic container and keep in ice chest.  At the picnic or tailgate site, take out of ice chest just before serving.

Tuna salad is a blend of three main ingredients: tuna fish, some form of mayonnaise or mayonnaise-substitute, and garnish. The tuna used is usually pre-cooked, canned and preserved with spring water or oil. The garnish may consist of celery, grapes, oregano, basil, pickles, black pepper, onions or other ingredients. The garnish provides some contrast in texture and flavor.

The resultant paste is spread between two slices of various styles of bread to make a tuna salad sandwich, although it can be eaten alone. Tuna salad is also often served as a filling between two crackers or as a side dish to a meal (often at a picnic). In the United States, tuna salad is also used to stuff fresh tomatoes as a luncheon dish (usually for ladies).

Did You Know
In Japan, tuna salad is often referred to as (sea chicken).

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