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Best Calzone and Pepperoni Rolls

Top 10 Calzone & Pepperoni Rolls Recipes

A calzone (Italian "stocking" or "trouser" or "drooping sack" or "hanging fold") is a savory turnover that originates from Italy. It is made of ingredients similar to, but not quite, a pizza folded over and shaped like a crescent before cooked. Calzone Recipes from

The typical calzone is stuffed with tomato and mozzarella, and may include other ingredients usually associated with pizza toppings.

In the United States, calzone are typically made from pizza dough and stuffed with cheese (usually mozzarella cheese and ricotta, but some varieties contain Parmesan, Provolone, or a locally substituted cheese), ham or salami, vegetables, or a variety of other stuffings. It often contains an egg, the yolk of which should be runny.

It is typically served with marinara sauce on the side for dipping, or topped with garlic and parsley infused olive oil. The dough is folded over, sealed on one edge, salted, then fried.

  1. Beefy-Mozzarella

  2. Black Bean and Cheese

  3. Calzone-On-A-Stick

  4. Cheesy Biscuit

  5. Cheesy Roast Beef 

  6. Chicken & Jack Crescent

  7. Chicken-Cheddar Pockets

  8. Chicken Parmesan Stromboli

  9. Easy Ham & Turkey Stromboli

  10. Easy Ricotta

  11. Ham & Cheddar in a Loaf

  12. Ham & Cheese Sandwich

  13. Meatball

  14. Pepperoni Pizza

  15. Pepperoni & Green Olives Pizza

  16. Peppy Pork Sausage

  17. Quick Anytime

  18. Sausage Bisquick

  19. Smoked Turkey Broccoli

  20. Southwest Corn

  21. Spinach, Prosciutto and Roasted Pepper

  22. Turkey Club

  23. Turkey-Pesto

  24. Veggie

Pepperoni Rolls

  1. Dominique's Pepperoni Roll

  2. Pepperoni Roll History

  3. Pepperoni Breadsticks

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