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Delicious Salad Recipes

A salad is a food item generally served either prior to or after the main dish as a separate course, as a main course in itself, or as a side dish accompanying the main dish. The word "salad" comes from the French salade of the same meaning, from the Latin salata, "salty."

Salad Recipes

  1. All-American Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Salad (Quick Easy)

  2. Arizona Avocado Salad

  3. Asian Chicken Salad

  4. Caesar-Style Salad

  5. California Chicken Salad

  6. Carrot Salad

  7. Cheese and Wild Rice Salad

  8. Chipotle Quesadilla Salad

  9. Chopped Mango Cucumber Salad

  10. Classic Greek

  11. Crabby Salad

  12. Cranberry-Turkey Mold

  13. Cucumber & Onion Salad

  14. Easy Summer Salad

  15. Guacamole Salad

  16. New England Coleslaw

  17. Papaya - Cucumber Salad

  18. Ritz Cracker Salad

  19. Sauerkraut Salad

  20. Scandinavian Macaroni Salad

  21. Smoky Ranchero Corn

  22. Spinach Salad with Dressing

  23. Summer Spaghetti Salad

  24. Szechwan Cucumber

  25. Taos Vegetable Salad

A salad is most often composed of a mixture of uncooked vegetables, built up on a base of green leafy vegetables such as one or more lettuce varieties, dandelion, alfalfa sprouts, cabbage, spinach or arugula. This is often referred to as a "green salad."

Other common vegetables in a green salad include tomato, cucumber, peppers, mushroom, onion, green onion, carrot and radish. Other food items such as pasta, olives, cooked potatoes, rice, croutons, meat and poultry (e.g. bacon, chicken), cheese or seafood (e.g. tuna, crab) are sometimes added to salads.

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