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Edison National Historic Site

Edison National Historic Site - BEST New JerseyPlaces to Picnic

Main Street and Lakeside Avenue
West Orange, NJ 07052

By Phone
Visitor Information

Welcome to Edison National Historic Site

Imagine your day ending at sunset. Life without music, motion pictures, radio. Life without light itself. Our modern lives began at the turn of the century in West Orange, New Jersey. The Laboratory and home of Thomas Edison, stopped in time, continue to teach a new generation.

Spend a morning or afternoon exploring the estate of Thomas and Mina Edison called Glenmont. Thomas Edison purchased this grand estate for his new bride Mina Miller Edison in 1886. It is here that the Edisons raised their children, entertained friends, family and Edison business associates. Spend some time wandering the grounds and see why Thomas and Mina loved their home.

While you're visiting the Glenmont Estate be sure to:

  • Take a tour of the Edison's 29 room Queen Anne style mansion
  • Explore the estate grounds and outbuildings
  • See the newly restored greenhouse
  • Visit the new Garden Shop located in the Potting Shed

At the corner of Main Street and Lakeside Avenue in West Orange, New Jersey stands a group of red brick buildings. To the passing motorist the buildings betray little evidence of their glory days and of the people who worked inside. 

A short distance away is Glenmont, Thomas Edison's estate. Together, the laboratory and residence preserve the work and character of America's foremost inventor, Thomas Edison and the family, friends and business associates who played a key role in his success.

Did You Know?
In 1920 Thomas Edison told reporter B.F. Forbes that he was working on a machine that could make contact with the spirits of the dead. Newspapers all over the world picked up this story. After a few years, Edison admitted that he had made the whole thing up.

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