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Bonny Lake State Park

Bonny Lake State Park, Delaware

Mailing: 30010 Road 3, Idalia, CO 80735
Park Office: 32300 YC Road 2, Burlington, CO 80807
Office Hours: 8 - 430 Monday - Sunday, later on Friday and Sat.
Park Hours: 5 AM-10 PM unless camping or fishing stay 10PM-5AM
Phone: 970-354-7306

WELCOME to Bonny Lake State Park

Bonny Lake State Park is a state park located in Yuma County, Colorado near Idalia. It is the easternmost State Park in Colorado. The park was founded in 1979 by William Bernstein.


In 2007, the lake had 2,200 acre feet water drained to meet obligations of a water compact made between Colorado and Kansas. Although not all of the 2,200 acre feet of water was drained. 

The drainage was stopped due to the fact that none of the water was reaching the way station in Binkelman, Nebraska. Only 1,100 feet was lost.

On August 24, 2007 the owners and the Colorado Department of Natural Resources considered shutting down the lake due to water loss and lack of funds.  

The lake was at a low measure sitting at only 15 feet to 4 feet and the shallowest. Guest could not launch boats from the boat ramps, but you can launch boats by hand this means only small water craft like canoes, jet skies, etc. 

Although fishing and hunting were still good around the lake. Walleye, wiper, catfish, and white bass bite very well of the dam, and ducks love the lake as a resting point as they continue there migration.

Over the summer of 2008 the lake gained enough water through rainfall to raise the lake a total of 4 feet 8 inches, but the dam engineer decided to let out the water so it wouldn't evaporate. 

This went against the decision that was made at the water meetings that happened that previous winter to not let out any more water, and either let the lake dry up or fill up as nature let it. 

The lake has a chance to have huge winter fish kills due to the shallower lake conditions. If the 4 feet 8 inches was still in the lake the fish would easily water to avoid fish kills.


More than 300 different species of birds have been seen in the park, including rare bald eagles there are also many species of waterfowl over the winter months that including green-wing teal, widgeon, pintails, mallards, wood ducks, blue-wing teal, Canadian geese, snow geese, and sand hill cranes. 

Mammal species found in the park include beaver, cottontail rabbit, coyote, deer (both mule deer and white-tailed deer), jackrabbit, muskrat, opossum, raccoon, thirteen-lined ground squirrel, and weasel.

Picnicking at Bonny Lake State Park

Bonny Lake has numerous picnic sites located around the reservoir. Most sites are located around the tree-rimmed south shore, near the swim and ski beaches. 

Located on the south of the reservoir at the Center Beach picnic area, two fully accessible picnic areas are available for visitors with disabilities.

Group Picnic Area
Besides individual sites, Bonny Lake has a group picnic facility that can accommodate up to 100 people. The group site is equipped for people with disabilities and includes reserved parking, a covered pavilion, water, electricity, a restroom, horseshoe pits, and a large grill for group cooking.

Group Picnic Area Fees
The group picnic permit fee for groups of 50 people is $30 with a fee of 50 cents for each person thereafter. The group picnic area is within easy walking distance of the Wagon Wheel Campground and is 70 yards from the marina. Call the park office at (970) 354-7306, to reserve the group picnic area. The park begins taking reservations January 1 of each year. The highest demand days are Sundays during July and August.

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