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Grant County, WV Parks

Explore Grant County!

West Virginia: Wild and WonderfulGrant County is a county located in the U.S. state of West Virginia. As of 2000, the population is 11,299. Its county seat is Petersburg. Grant County was created from Hardy County in 1866 and named for General Ulysses Simpson Grant. After the American Civil War, there was an effort by former Confederates to name it 'Lee County' instead after General Robert E. Lee, but the effort proved fruitless.

29 acres located 2 miles northeast of Petersburg along the South Branch Potomac River on Route 220. Known for its beauty and animal rock formation know as the "Fox & Ox rocks". Five picnic pavilions, restroom facilities, playground area, ball fields, two boat ramps, a walking track and other par, features.

12 acres along the South Branch Potomac river near the center of town. Four lighted tennis courts, basketball court, three picnic pavilions with fireplaces, lighted .baseball field, swimming pool, playground, picnic areas, restrooms and a gazebo. Cite of the annual Spring Mountain Festival in April and 4th of July events.

18 acres located 7 miles southwest of Petersburg on Route 28. Five residential cabins, shower/restroom building, dining hall and kitchen. Two ball fields, basketball court, volleyball area, playground, campfire area, four pavilions and a large stage. Open May - September.

20 acres located 6 miles from Petersburg on Patterson Creek Road in Arthur. Large wooded picnic area with three pavilions and fireplaces. Also includes a large playground area, baseball and softball fields, volleyball area and restrooms.

10 acres located on Route 42 in Mount Storm. Includes three picnic pavilions with fireplaces. Large playground area, paved basketball court, ball field and restrooms. Highlights and up-to-date library which is located on the park site.

6 acres located 12 miles north of Petersburg on Route 42 in Maysville. Contains the county's only public rifle and archery range, pistol range, muzzle loader range, and regulation trap shooting field. Other facilities include two picnic pavilions with fireplaces and a playground area.

Fort Mulligan is located on Route 28 South near Grant Memorial Hospital.

During the Civil War, both Federal or Confederate troops occupied the hill and surrounding area beginning at least as early as August, 1861. the fort, itself, was built by Union Colonel James A. Mulligan, from Illinois, along with his 23rd Illinois troops and more from Ohio, Pennsylvania and western Virginia.

During an expedition to the area in 1864, Major General Jubal A. Early praised the fortifications and commended the efforts of the men. The fort is still regarded as one of the best preserved fortifications in West Virginia.

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