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The Picnic Guide of Virginia
Blue Ridge Parkway National Park
Map 7


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Blue Ridge Parkway National Park - Map 7 copyright map by Alan Eastep

Generally, the Parkway sections of North Carolina are higher in elevation and more rugged in their beauty. The road itself reaches over 6,000 feet south of Asheville. 

From Milepost 355 south, the Parkway leaves the Blue Ridge and follows other mountain chains into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Park headquarters is in Asheville, NC and there are five campgrounds, six visitor centers, two lodges and three restaurants throughout the North Carolina section. 

From north to south, here are the major developed areas that offer opportunities for Parkway visitors.

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Milepost 216.9 NC - VA State Line

Alt. 2,547

Milepost 217.5 Cumberland Knob

The visitor center covers 1,000 acres with picnic area, comfort stations, drinking water, visitor information, public phone. They have a 15-minute loop trail to Cumberland Knob. (Elev. 2,855). Loop trail into Gully Creek Gorge. 2 hours. Alt. 2,740

It was the first recreation area to be opened to the public, and is still a favorite destination for both locals and visitors. The mixture of lush woodlands and open fields, housing a variety of birds and other wildlife, is ideal for leisurely walks or a more demanding hike to nearby Gully Creek. Visitor Center, Picnic Area, and close proximity to Sparta, NC and Galax, VA.

Milepost 238.5 Doughton Park

The park covers 7,000 acres and includes picnic area (Milepost 241), campground (Milepost 239), trailer sites, comfort stations, drinking water, 30 miles of trail.

Be sure to visit Wildcat Rocks (Milepost 241.1), to view the Caudill House, a survivor from a community largely destroyed by an early 20th century flood. Alt. 3,710.

This landscape of open meadows is a place to view wildlife and get a feel for the lives of those who lived here long ago. Doughton Park is one of the best places along the motor road to view white-tailed deer, raccoons, red and grey foxes, and bobcats, as well as spectacular shows of flame azalea and rhododendron in the late spring.

Bluffs Lodge is open during the summer season along with a restaurant and gas station. For reservations at the lodge call (336) 372-4499.

There is a campground with ranger talks during the summer season. Hiking opportunities range from a short hike at Fodder Stack Trail to the strenuous 7.5 mile Bluff Mountain Trail.

Visit the Brinegar Cabin to see craft demonstrations or hike into Basin Cove to view the Caudill Family Homestead.

Restaurant. Service station and gift shop are located by the Restaurant.

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