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Picnic Places in Virginia
Blue Ridge Parkway National Park: Map 2


Food, Cooking, Picnic, Tailgate, & Backyard Recipes plus more...



Blue Ridge Parkway National Park - Map 2 copyright map by Alan Eastep

The James River has been a major transportation artery through Virginia for centuries. Although originally planned to provide a navigable waterway from Great Falls at Richmond to the Ohio River, the James River and Kanawha Canal was destined to extend no further west than Buchanan. When completed in 1851, it was the primary commercial route in the state. 

But civil war, floods, and railroads spelled disaster for the canal, causing it to fail within the next thirty years. Near the James River visitor center, visitors can see one of the restored canal locks. 

The James River/Otter Creek recreation area has a campground, restaurant, picnic area, and fishing in Otter Lake.

Milepost 34.4 Yankee Horse Parking Area.

Logging Railroad Exhibit.

Milepost 61: Otter Creek Campground

Opens in May
Phone: (434) 299 5941

It is at the lowest Parkway elevation near Virginia's James River

Milepost 63.7 James River Visitor Center and exhibits.

Self-guiding nature trail.

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