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Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park - BEST Places to Picnic

400 Pine Canyon Road
Salt Flat, Texas 79847

Headquarters Visitor Center (Pine Springs)
(915) 828-3251
Dog Canyon Ranger Station
(575) 981-2418

Welcome to Guadalupe Mountains National Park!

Guadalupe Mountains National Park safeguards the world's finest example of a fossilized reef, a surprisingly complex and unique assemblage of flora and fauna, and West Texas' only legally designated wilderness. 

Here, one can experience solitude, tranquility, and the joy of finding plants and animals whose mastery of survival renews our sense of wonder.

Exploring the Park

As a hikers� paradise, you will find more than 80 miles of trails that meander through woodland canyons and lush riparian springs, or zigzag up steep switchbacks directly into the park�s rugged wilderness. Many trails are available for horseback riding if you bring your own stock. 

The park is a wonderful place to look at fossils and learn about Permian Age geology, enjoy bird watching and wildlife observation, delve into nature photography, or enjoy unlimited opportunities for stargazing under pristine night skies.

Nature and Science

As part of the nation's rock collection and an outstanding outdoor laboratory, Guadalupe Mountains National Park offers limitless opportunities for everyone to learn about its unique resources. Professional scientists and amateur naturalists alike will find the rewards of the park to be many.

Places to Picnic

  • Dog Canyon
  • Exhibits
  • Frijole Ranch History Museum
  • Grotto
  • Pratt Canyon

History and Culture

The rich and diverse array of cultural resources at Guadalupe Mountains National Park, and the natural setting that remains relatively unchanged from that experienced by early peoples, provide opportunities to explore and ponder survival, conflict, cooperation, heritage, and interconnections with the land.

For over 10,000 years, the Guadalupes Mountains have witnessed a constant stream of human history, including bloody conflicts between Mescalero Apaches and Buffalo Soldiers, the passing of the Butterfield Overland Mail, the coming of ranchers and settlers, and finally, the making of a national park. Today, the history is preserved at the Frijole and Williams Ranches, and at the ruins of the Pinery Station.

Protecting Cultural Resources
It is always exciting to discover evidence left behind by earlier inhabitants, but in order to preserve our history, and continue to interpret the cultures that came before us, it is imperative that all cultural and historic artifacts and evidence remain undisturbed. Please help us preserve these items. It is illegal to collect them.

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