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Ninety Six National Historic Site

Ninety Six National Historic Site - BEST Places to Picnic

PO Box 418
Ninety Six, SC 29666

Visitor Center
(864) 543-4068

Explore the Walk Where Battles Were Fought & Heroes Were Forged!

Here settlers struggled against the harsh backcountry to survive, Cherokee Indians hunted and fought to keep their land, two towns and a trading post were formed and abandoned to the elements, and two Revolutionary War battles that claimed over 100 lives took place here.

Ninety Six National Historic Site, also known as Old Ninety Six and Star Fort, is a United States National Historic Site located about 60 miles south of Greenville, South Carolina. The historic site was listed on the National Register in 1969, declared to be a National Historic Landmark in 1973, and established as a National Historic Site in 1976 to preserve the original site of Ninety Six, South Carolina, a small town established in the early 1700s.


The unusual name of Ninety Six was bestowed upon it by traders who mistakenly believed that 96 was the number of miles from the town to the Cherokee village of Keowee to the north. During the French and Indian War of the mid 1700s, the town was twice attacked by the Cherokee.

Revolutionary War

Ninety Six had become a prosperous village by the time the American Revolutionary War came knocking at the door. The first land battle of the war fought south of New England took place at Ninety Six in 1775. The village became a Loyalist stronghold early in the war and was fortified by the British in 1780. From May 22 - June 18, 1781, Continental Army Major General Nathanael Greene led 1,000 troops in a siege against the 550 Loyalists in the village. The 28-day siege, the longest of the entire war, centered on an earthen fortification known as Star Fort. Despite having more troops, Greene's patriots were eventually unsuccessful in taking the town.

Outdoor Activities

Park Visitor Center hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. However, if you park outside of our front gate you may visit the park from daylight to dusk. The gates are locked from 5:00 pm until 8:00 am daily.

Visit during one of our special events and experience the sights, smells, and sounds of Colonial and Revolutionary War life including touring our Black Swan Tavern.

Tours: We offer Ranger led tours throughout the year especially around our special events and programs. Ask in the Visitor Center or check the bulletin board for times.

Historic Interpretive Trail: The paved 1 mile walking trail includes wayside signs, the reconstructed siege works and Stockade Fort, original 1781 Star Fort, town site of old Ninety Six, historic roads, and more. The trail begins and ends at the visitor parking lot. Horses, bikes, skateboards, etc are not allowed on the trail. There are 2 small hills (the larger one is located by the Stockade Fort). Ask in the Visitor Center for a map. (approx. 45 mins)

Hiking Trails: We have several primitive trails, including the Cherokee Path, Gouedy Trail, and more. Ask in the Visitor Center for the latest map.

Picnic Area: Located just down the trail from the Cabin by visitor parking. No reservations needed. Two picnic tables are handicap accessible.

Star Fort Pond: Located at the back of our property along Hwy 246. Fishing is allowed Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday April 1 to November 1. The times for fishing are from 30 minutes before sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset.

There�s also bird watching, and wildlife viewing. A list is being compiled of the birds that are in the Park, but the Park�s wildlife includes: deer, gray squirrels, gray fox, opossums, raccoons, beaver, and cottontail rabbits.

Did You Know?
The Revolutionary War in the South Carolina Backcountry was a civil war. Neighbor fought neighbor & family member fought family member. The Ninety Six District was no exception that is one of the reasons Ninety Six National Historic Site has two Revolutionary War battles on its grounds.

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