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Willow Grove and Upper Moreland Township

Willow Grove, pa - It is a census-designated place (CDP) in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, about 10 miles north of Philadelphia. The population was 16,234 at the 2000 census. It is the home of the Naval Air Station Willow Grove. Willow Grove was once best known for Willow Grove Park, a popular amusement park that was open from 1896 to 1976.

Willow Grove has a history that spans nearly three centuries.  Following a land grant established by William Penn, known as the Manor of Moreland, the first home was built in 1719.  The colonial farmstead slowly grew into a small rural community.  By the mid-1800s, Willow Grove served as a summer vacation retreat for Philadelphia residents.

On Memorial Day, 1896 the Willow Grove Amusement Park was opened. At around the same time a trolley line was built along Old York Road, connecting the area to Philadelphia's numerous neighborhoods. Willow Grove became a popular destination spot.  Many visitors were attracted to the sounds of John Phillip Sousa, who played at the amusement park.  By the 1920s, a downtown area took shape at the crossroads of Old York Road, Easton Road, and Davisville Road.

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The original town center included a lumberyard, clothing store, bank, and post office. The amusement park was one of the country's biggest until 1976, when it closed down in favor of the Willow Grove Mall, which opened in 1982.

Trolley service was discontinued in the 1950s. By the mid-20th century, downtown Willow Grove began to evolve into an automobile dominated suburban center. Willow Grove is a place that has evolved many times over three centuries, from a colonial farmstead, to a small rural community, to a world-renowned entertainment destination, to a regional suburban shopping center that it is today.

Willow Grove and Upper Moreland Township
Places to Picnic

Website: Upper Moreland Township

Blair Mill Park
Blair Mill Rd. near County Line Rd. 1.0 acre. Modular play equipment including slides, tunnels ground zero balance beams, climbers and woodchipped safety surface. Split rail fencing, wooded turf area, benches, and parking.

Brooks Street Park
Brooks St. Willow Grove. .4 acre. Modular play equipment including slides, climbers, and safety surface. Split rail fencing, and benches.

Broughton Park
107 Barrett Rd. Willow Grove. .5 acre. Modular play equipment including, tunnels, slides, climbers, cactus climber, swing set, tire swing, and safety surfacing. Small open turf area, benches, and perimeter fencing.

Buehler Park Nature Study Area (& Parks Maintenance Shop)
627 Fitzwatertown Rd. Willow Grove. 7.0 acres. Natural trail with stations, bulletin board, trail bridges, and parking areas.

Cherry Street Park
24 Cherry St. Willow Grove. .5 acres. Modular play equipment including climbers, slides and decking, swing set, safety surfacing, basketball court, perimeter fencing, and benches.

Dawson Manor Park
3630 Lukens Ln. Hatboro. 1.0 acres. Modular play equipment, half court basketball, benches, climbers, swings, emergency access, and sidewalk.

Fair Oaks Park
2300 Skrobul Rd. Hatboro. 6.0 acres. Modular play equipment, swing set, climber, basketball and volleyball courts, youth roller hockey rink, softball field w/ overlapping soccer field, (.39 mi.) paved perimeter walking trail, open turf and wooded areas, benches and parking area.

Fern Village Park
614 High Ave. Hatboro. 5.0 acres. Modular play equipment, 2 softball fields w/ backstops, basketball & open courts, swing set, benches, & perimeter fencing.

Masons Mill Park
3500 Masons Mill Rd. Hunt. Valley. 76 acres. Lighted volleyball and basketball courts, 7 tennis courts* (5 lighted), 2 softball fields (1 lighted), lighted baseball field w/ overlapping football field, 3 picnic pavilions*, Safety Town complex*, 2 modular play equipment units, climbers, dinosaur climbers, water spray pole, drinking fountains, fitness trail w/ 18 stations (.72 mi.), wooded walking path, restrooms, Woody's Fishin' Hole, archery range*, horseshoes, picnic tables, concert gazebo, charcoal grills, benches, bulletin boards, maintenance building, lighted and paved parking areas. (*=fee charged for use. Please call the Parks and Recreation Dept. for information.)

Mill Creek Park
3530 Mill Rd. Hatboro. 14.75 acres. Modular play equipment, swing set, basketball court, picnic tables, wooded areas, creek ford, grills, open turf area, and parking. Dogs are permitted, on leash and under owner control, at Mill Creek Park area between Mill Road and the Turnpike fence only. Dogs are not allowed in any other parks. Mutt mitt areas are provided for your use; please clean up after your dog.

Nathaniel Boileau Park
2668 Byberry Rd. and the intersection of Byberry and Orangeman's Roads. 10+ acres. Master Park Plan has been developed. Parking area, multipurpose irrigated athletic field, four structures (farm house, spring house, carriage house, barn), and open turf areas.

North Willow Grove Park
1391 Linden Ave. Willow Grove. 3.0 acres. Modular play equipment, swing set, softball field w/ backstop, player benches, paved parking area and perimeter fencing.

Pennypack Greenway
Map of entire Pennypack Watershed showing trails, major parks, picnic areas, parking areas, fishing areas, and historical sites.

Frank J. Pileggi Park
4255 Shoemaker Rd. Hunt. Valley. 53.0 acres. One 195'x300' soccer field, one 225' x330' lighted w/ scoreboard, two modular play equipment areas, swings, lighted multi-purpose court w/ 3 basketball goals, benches, bleachers, 2 lighted parking areas, walking path, restroom/storage building, 2 drinking fountains, and perimeter fencing.

Terwood Park
3100 Davisville Rd. Willow Grove. 5.5 acres (land leased from U.M.-Hat. Joint Sewer Authority). Softball field w/ backstop and player benches, and parking area.

Valley Green Park
3403 Moreland Rd. Willow Grove. .5 acres. Modular play equipment, swing set, benches, sidewalks, and wooded area.

Veteran's Memorial Park
220 Mineral Ave. Willow Grove. 24.0 acres. Modular play equipment, 2 lighted basketball/volleyball courts, 2 shuffle board courts, restroom building w/ storage, benches, open play field, picnic tables, perimeter walking track (.33 mi.) with .60 mile paved spur, 10 acre wooded area, monument to War Veterans, and paved parking lot.

Whitehall Park
2 Hideaway Dr. Willow Grove. 4.0 acres. Modular play equipment, swing set, small basketball court, benches, and open play field.

Woodlawn Park
601 Division Ave. Willow Grove. 6.0 acres. 2 age appropriate modular play equipment units, 2 tennis courts, 3 basketball courts (1 lighted), volleyball court, baseball field w/ overlapping soccer field, benches, perimeter walking path (.34 mi.), perimeter fencing, sidewalk, and foursquare courts.

The Department of Parks and Recreation is also responsible for the grounds maintenance of the Township Building/Library Complex, snow removal from all public property sidewalks, maintenance of 3 detention basins, maintenance of Pennypack Parkway Trail, and turf maintenance of two street islands.

Walking Trails

Upper Moreland Township offers various walking trails and perimeter pathways

  • Masons Mill Park Fitness Trail, 0.72 mi. - Limestone
  • Masons Mill Nature Trail, 1.10 mi. - Woodchip
  • F.J. Pileggi Park Walkway, 0.32 mi. - Limestone
  • Veteran's Memorial Park Walkway, 0.33 mi. - Paved, with .60 mile paved spur
  • Veteran's Memorial Park Nature Trail, 0.42 mi. - Woodchip (to be constructed)
  • Woodlawn Park Walkway, 0.34 mi. - Paved
  • Buehler Park Nature Trail, 0.32 mi. - Woodchip
  • Fair Oaks Perimeter Trail, 0.39 mi. - Paved

Group Uses, Special Uses, and Reservations
Due to the popularity of our park facilities, advance reservations are available and recommended for all fee-based facilities and most sport fields and courts. Some facilities require special annual permits for individual uses. Please contact the Parks and Recreation Department for further information and the reservation process.

Park Regulations

Title 6 of the Township Code provides regulations governing the use of Park Facilities. Some of the provisions are listed below:

  • NO Smoking or Tobacco Products.
  • Pets and alcoholic beverages are prohibited in all parks.
  • Feeding of wildlife and waterfowl is prohibited.
  • Vehicles may only park in the designated spaces provided.
  • Parking on turf areas is strictly prohibited.
  • Golfing, hunting, and all firearms are prohibited in all parks.
  • Soliciting or the sale of any goods or services in Township Parks is prohibited, except as specifically permitted by the Board of Commissioners of U.M. Township.
    Gas grills are prohibited in all parks.

All parks close at dusk, except those lighted for evening events or programs.

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