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Big Cypress National Preserve

Big Cypress National Preserve - BEST Places to Picnic

3100 Tamiami Trail East
Ochopee, Florida 34141

Oasis Visitor Center and General Preserve Information
(239) 695-1201
Administrative Offices
(239) 695-2000

Explore the Freshwater to the Sea

The freshwaters of the Big Cypress Swamp, essential to the health of the neighboring Everglades, support the rich marine estuaries along Florida�s southwest coast. Protecting over 720,000 acres of this vast swamp, Big Cypress National Preserve contains a mixture of tropical and temperate plant communities that are home to a diversity of wildlife, including the elusive Florida panther.

Things To Do

For the general visitor Big Cypress National Preserve provides a variety of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. This protected area is the back yard for the millions of residents and visitors in South Florida.


Culturally, the Big Cypress Swamp has served as home and refuge to many people throughout time including the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida, the Seminole Tribe of Florida and early settlers.


The South Florida Natural Resources Center (SFNRC) is a division of Everglades National Park that provides scientific information and environmental assessments to the National Park Service units of South Florida and to the Department of the Interior. 

SFNRC scientists seek to conserve and, where necessary, restore the normal suite of interactions between the biological and physical elements of the environment in order to ensure a functional ecosystem and its associated biological diversity. 

Reflecting the holistic nature of the ecosystem, the center works to integrate applied science with management actions toward the preservation of resources for the enjoyment of future generations.

Places to Picnic

  • H.P. Williams Roadside Park
  • I-75 Rest Area
  • Kirby Storter Roadside Park

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