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Bradshaw City, Arizona (Ghost Town)

Bradshaw City was a mining camp in Yavapai County, Arizona, it is now a ghost town. Originally established in the 1860s, Bradshaw City was a haven for many of the early pioneers of Arizona.  The town died out in the mid to late 1880s.

Elevation 6,358 feet
Post Office Opened: July 1, 1874
Post Office Closed: December 15, 1884

When gold was discovered in the Bradshaw Mountains, dozens of mining towns sprung up around and on top of the mountains over time.  The City was named after William Bradshaw who first discovered gold around the area in 1863.

The Bradshaw Mining District was also named after him. Bradshaw City was founded on the northwest side of Mount Wasson. At first the settlement was literally a camp but due to the vast pine forests all over the Bradshaw Mountains, stone and lumber was quickly used to build permanent structures.

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Multiple saloons, stores, restaurants, a barber shop, a stage and a meat market along with two hotels accommodated the large population of around 5,000. Bradshaw City's nearest major settlement was Prescott, thirty miles away. Settlers could travel for free on the only wagon-accessible road.A man named Simpson operated a wagon train and apparently did not mind the company for over two days, which is how long it took to travel between Prescott and Bradshaw City during the frontier era. The only other route known to have been that leads to Bradshaw City was through Minnehaha Flat and then through a five mile steep mountain trail, rendering a wagon or anything on wheel too large to make the trip.

In 1871 the mine was complete at nearby Tiger and the city flourished for a few years. A post office was constructed in 1874. The town officials suspected 10,000 to 20,000 people would eventually settle there but unfortunately the 1880s were just ahead, a time when many Arizona towns became ghosts, just as Bradshaw City did. The post office was closed in 1884.

Little of the city can be found today.  One of Bradshaw City's saloons can be visited in Crown King, as it was moved there, a post office was taken from the city also and can still be found.

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