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Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest

The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest is a 2.63 million acre United States National Forest which runs along the Mogollon Rim and the White Mountains in east-central Arizona and extending into New Mexico.

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests

P.O. Box 640
Springerville, AZ 85938
Phone: (928) 333-4301

Both forests are managed as one unit by USDA Forest Service from the forest headquarters in Springerville, Arizona. Apache-Sitgreaves has over 400 species of wildlife. With its high elevation and cool summer breezes it is a popular weekend destination from the hot desert for Phoenix, Arizona residents.

The forest is divided into 5 Ranger Districts (Clifton, Alpine, Springerville, Lakeside, and Black Mesa) that span almost 300 miles from Clifton, Arizona in the east-central portion of Arizona to the eastern boundary of the Coconino National Forest in north-central Arizona.

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The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest borders the western and northern borders of the Fort Apache Indian Reservation.

It is located in parts of Greenlee, Apache, Navajo, and Coconino counties in eastern and east-central Arizona, and Catron County in western New Mexico. The more northwesterly Sitgreaves National Forest portion lies adjacent to the north side of the Fort Apache Indian Reservation and is located entirely in Arizona, within Navajo, Apache, and Coconino counties. It has a total area of 818,651 acres.  The more southeasterly and much larger Apache National Forest portion lies adjacent to the east side of the Fort Apache and the San Carlos Indian Reservations.  It lies on both sides of the border with New Mexico, in Greenlee, Catron, and Apache counties.  It has a total area of 1,813,601 acres.

Places to Picnic

Alpine Ranger District


Lakes, Rivers and Streams
Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests has 8 notable cold water lakes and boasts numerous lakes and reservoirs and over 680 miles of rivers and streams. The headwaters for the Black, Little Colorado and San Francisco rivers are in the White Mountains.

  • Big Lake
  • Woods Canyon Lake
  • Willow Springs Lake
  • Black Canyon Lake
  • Chevelon Canyon Lake
  • Luna Lake
  • Bear Canyon Lake
  • Crescent Lake
  • Blue River

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