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Picnics and Tailgating Are Special

Picnic & Tailgate Menu Ideas from AlansKitchen.comA picnic or tailgate gathering is special. Just opening the picnic basket or dropping the tailgate, just lifts our spirits. Eating outdoors, be it a hillside, pasture, woods, seaside or our own backyard, just makes the food tastes better.

It is great to be outdoors enjoying some of my favorite meals. It is the camaraderie. They feel like family. Some of my fondest picnics were the remote places we gathered. The more remote I find the picnic spot, the more fun is the picnic. The outdoors allows our human spirits to soar. Maybe it is the sky, the wind, or the trees. It is that special mystical experience only a picnic can give the human spirit.

When I return home from a picnic, my spirit feels ten feet tall and it feels like Superman. Moreover, yes, I feel like pulling off Superman�s cape, spitting into the wind, and definitely feel like pulling the mask off the Lone Ranger. I see picnics as a mystical, magic tour. It is places that capture our heart and gives us new life and new meaning. It is not just for me, but also for the ones I love.


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