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Leave No Trace

Picnic & Tailgate Menu Ideas from AlansKitchen.comMore and more people are taking to discover America. People explore on foot or on horseback, on mountain bikes or with a mule. Back-country explorers overcrowd many popular areas. They leave evidence of people, horses, tents and campfires.

We visit back-country areas for solitude and a �wilderness experience.� We want to escape from crowds, noise, and the daily pressures of urban, life. Enjoying wild America requires a commitment to preserve them. �No Trace� back-country practices are techniques to help reduce our presence in wild America.

No Trace� Ethic

The National Forest designed "No Trace" guidelines to protect our back-country and wilderness areas. By following these guidelines, we can better protect the land and lessen the sights and sounds of our visit.

Back-Country Courtesy

Courtesy toward others in the back-country helps everyone enjoy their outdoor experience. Excessive noise, unrestrained pets, and damaged natural surroundings create a negative atmosphere in the back-country. While picnicking, keep down the noise level. Radio and tape players do not belong in the back-country

Keep pets under control at all times. No one wants to have someone�s pet running through the area frightening people and wildlife.

Wildflowers, picturesque trees, and unusual rock formations all give back-country areas the beauty we come to see. Picking flowers, hacking at trees, and chipping away at rocks, all can detract from the primitive atmosphere. Please leave them for others to enjoy. Take nothing but pictures...leave with only your memories.


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