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Picnic Gear & Packing

Picnic & Tailgate Menu Ideas from AlansKitchen.comBecause of the space requirements, you want to look for lightweight sealable containers and serving bowls, thermoses, Pyrex Portables (keeps foods hot or cold) and drink dispensers. You want to include typical wrapping materials like waxed paper, plastic wrap, lock-top bags, and heavy-duty foil. Provide for artificial ice or cold packs to keep beverages cold and perishables fresh. Remember, you do not want to leave diary products, meats, eggs and mayonnaise out for more than two hours or one hour in warm weather.

Line with a towel to insulate it and absorb any spillage, before you pack your basket or hamper. On the bottom, you want to place the heavier items and those in rigid containers. You want to place items that are more fragile on top. In addition, you want to use an insulated cooler for carrying beverages. For serving, bring plates, cutlery, utensils, glasses, and mugs. Remember to include plenty of paper or cloth napkins, as well as kitchen towels and trash bags for cleanup.


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