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Picnic Menu Ideas & Planning

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List of Notable Historic Forts

  • Fort Bowie, AZ - BEST Places to PicnicAlabama
    • Fort Gaines, historic fort open to the public
    • Fort Louis de la Mobile
    • Fort McClellan
    • Fort Morgan, historic fort open to the public
    • Fort Rucker
    • Fort Stoddert
  • Alaska
    • Fort Greely
    • Fort Richardson
    • Fort Wainwright
    • Fort Yukon
  • Arizona
    • Fort Apache
    • Fort Badger
    • Fort Bowie
    • Fort Buchanan
    • Fort Crittenden
    • Fort Defiance
    • Fort Grant
    • Fort Huachuca
    • Lee's Fort
    • Fort Lowell
    • Fort McDonald
    • Fort McDowell
    • Fort Milligan
    • Fort Misery
    • Fort Mojave
    • Fort Rock
    • Fort Tyson (Charles)
    • Fort Utah
    • Fort Verde, historic buildings open to the public
    • Fort Whipple
    • Fort Yuma
  • California
    • Alcatraz Island, a historic landmark open to the public
    • Benicia Arsenal
    • Camp Kearny, now Marine Corps Air Station Miramar
    • Drum Barracks, one historic building open to the public
    • Fort Humboldt, now a state historic park
    • Fort Hunter Liggett
    • Fort Irwin
    • Fort MacArthur, partially preserved and open to the public
    • Fort Ord
    • Fort Point, historic fort open to the public
    • Fort Ross, an antique Russian fort, partially restored
    • Fort Tejon, now a state historic park
    • Presidio of Monterey
    • Presidio of San Diego, now Presidio Park
    • Presidio of San Francisco, now a part of the National Park Service
    • Presidio of Santa Barbara, now a state historic park

Bent's New Fort
Bent's Old Fort
Fort Big Spring
Fort Carson
Fort Cass
Fort Collins
Fort Convenience
Fort Craig
Fort Crawford
Fort Davy Crockett
Fort Dominguez
Fort Fisher
Fort Flagler
Fort Fraeb
Fort Gantt
Fort Garland
Fort George
Fort Gerry I
Fort Gerry II
Fort Huerfano
Fort Independence
Fort Jackson
Fort Juana
Fort Julesburg
Fort Lancaster
Fort Leche
Fort Le Duc
Fort Lewis
Fort Logan
Fort Lookout
Fort Lupton
Fort Lyon
Fort Massachusetts
Fort Maurice le Doux
Fort Meeker
Fort Misery
Fort Moore
Fort Morgan
Fort Namaqua
Fort Narraguinnep
Fort Nepesta
Fort Pagosa
Fort Pueblo
Fort Reynolds
Fort Roubidoux
Fort Saint Vrain
Fort Sanders
Fort Sangre de Cristo
Fort Schofield
Fort Sedgwick
Fort Sheridan
Fort Spaulding
Fort Uncompahgre
Fort Vasquez
Fort Wardwell
Fort Weld
Fort Wicked
Fort William
Fort Wise
Milk Fort
Peebles Fort
Robert Fisher's Fort
Roubideaux's Old Fort
Sharps Trading Fort
Spanish Fort
Fort Griswold
Fort Nathan Hale, reconstructed historic fort open to the public
Fort Trumbull, historic fort open to the public
Fort Casimir
Fort Christina
Fort Delaware, historic fort open to the public
Fort du Pont
Fort Miles, one tower open to public while in renovation
Battery San Antonio - Pensacola
Castillo de San Marcos (also Fort Marion and Fort St. Mark, now a U.S. National Monument)
Fort Alabama
Fort Ann
Fort Annuttgeliea
Fort Armstrong
Fort Arbuckle
Fort Barrancas (also Fort San Carlos de Barrancas)
Fort Basinger
Fort Blount
Fort Brooke
Fort Caroline
Fort Casey
Fort Center
Fort Christmas
Fort Chokonikla (also Fort Chokkonickla and Fort Chokhonikla, now part of Paynes Creek Historic State Park)
Fort Clarke, in present-day Gainesville, Second Seminole War[1]
Fort Clinch
Fort Cooper
Fort Cross, on Cape Sable, Third Seminole War
Fort Cummings
Fort Dallas
Fort Defiance
Fort Denaud
Fort Desoto
Fort Diego
Fort Drane
Fort Drum
Fort Duncan McRee (also Addison Blockhouse), in Tomoka State Park
Fort Dulany
Fort Fannin
Fort Foster
Fort Fraser
Fort Gadsden
Fort Gardiner
Fort Gatlin
Fort George
Fort Green
Fort Harlee
Fort Hartsuff
Fort Harvie
Fort Heileman
Fort Hooker
Fort Houston, in Tallahassee, Civil War
Fort Jefferson
Fort Juniper
Fort Keais
Fort King
Fort Kissimmee
Fort Lane
Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lloyd
Fort Lonesome
Fort Maitland
Fort Mason
Fort Matanzas
Fort McRee
Fort McCoy
Fort Meade
Fort Mellon
Fort Mitchell
Fort Mose
Fort Myakka
Fort Myers
Fort Ogden
Fort Peyton
Fort Pickens
Fort Picolata
Fort Pierce
Fort Poinsett, on Cape Sable, Second Seminole War
Fort Russell, on Key Biscayne, Second Seminole War
Fort St. Andrews
Fort St. Francis de Pupa
Fort San Carlos, Fernandina Beach, Second Spanish rule
Fort San Lucia
Fort San Luis de Apalachee
Fort San Marcos de Apalachee (also Fort St. Marks)
Fort San Nicholas
Fort Scott
Fort Simmons
Fort Starke
Fort Sullivan
Fort T.B. Adams
Fort Thompson
Fort Tonyn
Fort Vinton
Fort Wacahoota
Fort Walker (also Fort Hogtown), in present-day Gainesville, Second Seminole War
Fort Walton
Fort Ward
Fort Weadman
Fort White
Fort William
Yellow Bluff Fort
Fort Zachary Taylor (also Fort Taylor)
Fort Benning
Fort Gordon
Fort Frederica
Fort Gillem
Fort Hawkins, partial re-creation sometimes open to the public
Fort James Jackson (aka Old Fort Jackson or Fort Oglethorpe), historic fort open to the public
Fort King George, re-constructed fort, now a state historic park
Fort McAllister, state park with preserved earthwork fortification and museum
Fort McPherson
Fort Pulaski, historic fort open to the public
Fort Stewart
Fort DeRussy
Fort Kamehameha
Russian Fort Elizabeth
Schofield Barracks, a large installation, the home of the complete 25th Infantry Division
Fort Boise
Camp Connor
Fort Hall, re-constructed fort (in Pocatello) open to the public
Fort Lapwai
Fort Sherman
Reconstructed bastion of Ft de Chartres
Fort de Chartres
Fort Clark
Fort Kaskaskia
Fort Massac
Fort Benjamin Harrison
Fort Granville
Fort Knox
Fort Miami
Fort Ouiatenon
Fort Patrick Henry
Fort Vincennes
Fort Wayne
Fort Atkinson
Fort Franklin
Fort Aubrey
Aubry's Post
Fort Bain
Barnesville's Post
Fort Belmont
Fort Bissell
Fort Blair (Fort Scott)
Fort Brooks
Burlingame's Fort
Camp Ben Butler
Fort de Cavagnial
Fort Cavagnolle
Chapman's Dugout
A.P. Chouteau's Fort
Fort Clifton
Fort Clinton
Coldwater Grove's Post
Council Grove's Post
Camp Defiance
Fort Dodge
Fort Downer
Fort Drinkwater
Camp Drywood
Eggert House
Fort Ellsworth
Fort Expedient
Fort Fletcher
Fort Folly
Fort Harker
Fort Hays
Fort Henning
Fort Humboldt
Camp Hunter
Indian Home Guard Camp (Baxter Springs)
Fort Insley
Fort Jewell
Fort Kansas
Fort Kanses
Fort Lane
Fort Larned
Fort Leavenworth
Fort Lecompton
Fort Lincoln
Fort Lincoln blockhouse
Fort Lookout
Fort Mann
Fort McKean
Fort Montgomery (Eureka)
Fort Montgomery (Linn County)
Fort Monument
Mount Oread Civil War posts
Fort Podunk
Fort Pyramid
Fort Riley
Fort Roach
Fort Row
Fort Saunders
Fort Scott
Fort Simple
Fort Sod
Fort Sodom
Fort Solomon
Fort Sumner
Fort Titus
Fort de la Trinit�
Fort Village
Fort Wakarusa
Fort Wallace
Fort Wichita
Fort Wyncoop
Fort Zarah
Fort at the Falls
Fort Campbell
Fort Knox
Fort Hartford, Hartford, KY
Fort Nelson
Fort, Vienna, Calhoun, KY
Fort William
Spring Fort
Fort Polk
Fort Baldwin
Fort Gorges, historic fort open to the public
Fort Halifax, reconstructed fort
Fort Kent, a blockhouse remains
Fort Knox, now a state park, historic fort
Fort McClary, now a state memorial, historic blockhouse is a museum
Fort Pentagouet
Fort Popham, historic fort open to the public
Fort Scammel, on a privately owned island
Fort Williams, Maine, now a town park open to the public
Fort Carroll, abandoned historic fort
Fort Cumberland (Maryland)
Fort Detrick
Fort Frederick, now a state park, restored historic fort
Fort George G. Meade
Fort McHenry, premier restored historic fort
Fort Washington
Fort Banks, historic battery
Fort Independence, historic fort open to the public
Fort Revere
Fort Warren, historic fort open to the public
Main article: List of military installations in Michigan
Fort de Buade
Fort Detroit
Fort Holmes
Fort Mackinac
Fort Miami
Fort Michilimackinac
Fort St. Joseph (Niles)
Fort St. Joseph (Port Huron), rebuilt as Fort Gratiot
Fort Wayne (Detroit)
Fort Beauharnois
Fort L'Huillier
Fort Ridgely
Fort St. Charles
Fort Snelling
Fort Massachusetts
Fort Maurepas
Fort Independence
Fort Leonard Wood
Fort Assinniboine
Fort C. F. Smith
Fort Ellis
Fort Keogh
Fort Parker
Fort William Henry Harrison
Fort Missoula
Alkali Station
Armas de Francia
Fort Atkinson
Camp Augur
Beauvais Station Post
Fort Beaver Valley
Fort Bellevue
Bordeaux Trading Post
Cabanne's Trading Post
Fort Calhoun
Fort Carlos
Fort Charles
Fort Childs
Fort Clarke
Columbia Fur Co. Post
Columbus Post
Fort Cottonwood
Post Cottonwood Springs
Camp Council Bluff
Cantonment Council Bluffs
Fort Crook
Crooks & McClelland Post
Cruzatte's Post
Elm Creek Fort
Fontenelle's Post
Fort Gillette
Gilman's Station Post
Post at Grand Island
Fort Grattan
Fort Hartsuff
Fort Heath
Fort Independence
Junction Station Post
Fort Kearny
Camp Keya Paha
Fort Kiowa
Liberty Pole Camp
Fort Lisa
Little Blue Station Post
Mackay's House
Camp McKean
Cantonment McKean
Fort McPherson
Camp Meiklejohn
Military Bridge Camp
Fort Mirage Flats
Camp Missouri
Cantonment Missouri
Camp Mitchell
Fort Mitchell
Fort Montrose
Mullaly's Ranch Post
Fort Niobrara
North Platte Station
O'Fallon's Bluffs Post
Omaha Barracks
Fort Omaha
Omaha Post
Post of the Otos
Pawnee Post
Pawnee Ranch Post
Pilcher's Post
Plum Creek Post
Ponca Fort (Nanza)
Ponca Post
Camp Recovery
Camp Red Willow
Robideaux Pass Post
Camp Robinson
Fort Robinson
St. Deroin Fort
Camp Sargent
Sarpy's Post
Camp Saunders
Camp Sheridan
Fort Sheridan
Sherman Barracks
Camp Sherman
Camp Shuman
Sidney Barracks
Fort Sidney
Post at Spotted Tail Agency
Fort Churchill
Fort Halleck
New Hampshire
Fort Constitution
Fort at Number 4, re-created as a living history museum
Fort Stark
Fort Wentworth
Fort William and Mary, now a state park, tower open only for tours
New Jersey
Fort Dix
Fort Lee
Fort Hancock
Fort Monmouth
Fort Mott
Fortifications of New Netherland
Fort Nonsense
New Mexico
Fort Bascom
Fort Bayard
Fort Craig
Fort Cummings
Fort Fauntleroy (aka Fort Wingate)
Fort Fillmore
Fort Marcy
Fort McRae
Fort Selden
Fort Stanton
Fort Sumner
Fort Thorn (aka Fort Thorne)
Fort Tularosa
Fort Union
Fort Webster
Fort Wingate (aka Fort Lyon)
New York
Fort Amsterdam
Castle Clinton
Fort Crown Point
Fort Drum
Fort Gansevoort
Fort Hamilton
Fort Jay
Fort Lafayette
Fort L�vis
Fort Montgomery
Forts of New Netherland
Fort Niagara
Fort Oswego
Fort de La Pr�sentation
Fort Schuyler
Fort Stanwix, reconstructed living history museum
Fort Ticonderoga
Fort Totten
Fort Wadsworth
Fort Washington
Fort William Henry
Castle Williams
Fort Wood
North Carolina
Fort Bragg
Fort Branch
Fort Caswell, now private property
Fort Fisher, partly-reconstructed fortifications with museum and guided tours
Fort Macon, restored historic fort open to the public
North Dakota
Fort Abercrombie
Fort Abraham Lincoln
Fort Buford
Fort Clark
Fort Mandan
Fort Ransom
Fort Seward
Fort Stevenson
Fort Totten
Fort Union
Fort Ancient, museum and Indian earthworks open to the public
Fort Meigs, now a state memorial, fully recreated with occasional living history guides
Fort Miami
Fort Recovery, now a state memorial, museum and recreated buildings
Fort Steuben
Fort Arbuckle
Fort Cobb
Fort Gibson
Camp Gruber
Fort McCulloch
Fort Nichols
Fort Reno
Fort Sill
Fort Supply
Fort Towson
Fort Washita
Fort Wayne
Fort Astoria
Fort Clatsop
Fort Dalles
Fort Hoskins
Fort Klamath
Fort Stevens
Fort William
Fort Yamhill
Fort Mifflin Commandant's House
Fort Augusta
Fort Bedford
Fort Crawford
Fort Dewart
Fort Duquesne
Fort Granville
Fort Halifax
Fort Hunter
Fort Jones (Mount Oliver)
Fort Laughlin
Fort Le Boeuf
Fort Ligonier
Fort Machault
Fort McIntosh
Fort Mifflin
Fort Necessity
Fort Pitt
Fort Presque Isle
Fort Robert Smalls
Fort Roberdeau
Fort Venango
Puerto Rico
Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico
El Ca�uelo
Fort San Crist�bal (Puerto Rico)
Fort San Felipe del Morro
Fort�n de San Ger�nimo
Fuerte de Vieques
Rhode Island
Fort Adams
South Carolina

Fort Sumter
Fort Charlotte
Fort Jackson
Fort Motte
Fort Moultrie
Old Ninety Six and Star Fort
Fort Prince George
Fort Sumter
Fort Wagner
South Dakota
Fort Randall
Fort Sully
Further information: List of forts in Tennessee
Fort Adair
Fort Assumption
Bledsoe's Fort
Fort Blount
Camp Boone
Fort Cass
Fort Defiance, Tennessee
Fort Donelson
Fort Henry
Fort Loudon
Fort Nashborough
Fort Negley
Fort Pillow
Fort Prudhomme
Fort Randolph
Fort Sanders
Fort Southwest Point
Tellico Blockhouse
Fort Watauga
White's Fort
Fort Wright
See also: Forts of Texas
The Alamo
Fort Bliss
Fort Brown
Fort Concho
Fort Crockett
Fort D. A. Russell
Fort Davis
Fort Hood
Fort Saint Louis
Fort Worth
Fort Buenaventura
Cove Fort
Fort Deseret
Fort Douglas
Fort Duchesne
Fort Utah
Orlando Bridgman's Fort
Josiah Sartwell's Fort
Fort Dummer
Brattleboro Barracks
Fort Putney (also called Fort Hill)
Fort Defiance
Fort Rutland
Fort Ranger
Fort Warren
Fort Vengeance
Fort Mott
Fort Independence located on Mount Independence
Chimney Point
Champlain Arsenal
Fort Cassin
Fort New Haven
Battery Redoubt
Fort Frederick
Fort Ethan Allen
Fort Sainte Anne
Fort Loyal
Camp Baxter (also known as Baxter Barracks)
Cooke's Hill Fort
Fort A.P. Hill
Fort Albany
Fort Ethan Allen
Fort Eustis
Fort Hunt
Fort Lee
Fort Loudoun
Fort Monroe
Fort Myer
Fort Picket
Fort Richardson
Fort Scott
Fort Story
Fort Ward
Fort Wool
Virgin Islands (U.S.)
Fort Christian
Fort Frederik
Fort Segarra
Fort Columbia, now a state park, one building open to the public
Fort Colville
Fort Dent
Fort George Wright
Fort Lawton
Fort Lewis
Fort Nez Perc�s (aka Old Fort Walla Walla)
Fort Nisqually, rebuilt as a living history museum
Fort Okanogan
Fort Simcoe, now a state park, recreated and partially open to the public
Fort Spokane
Fort T ownsend
Fort Vancouver, fully recreated and open to the public
Fort Walla Walla, museum and living history pioneer village
Fort Ward, now a state park, some bunkers remain
Fort Worden, now a state park, bunkers remain, one building partially open to the public
Washington, D.C.
Fort DeRussy
Fort McNair
Fort Stevens
Fort Totten
West Virginia
Fort Ashby
Fort Milroy
Fort Pearsall
Prickett's Fort
Fort Randolph
Fort Crawford
Fort Howard
Fort McCoy
Fort Winnebago
Camp Augur
Fort Bridger
Camp Brown
Fort Caspar
Fort D.A. Russell
Fort Fetterman
Fort Francis E. Warren, now the Francis E. Warren Air Force Base
Fort Fred Steele
Fort Halleck
Fort Laramie
Fort Phil Kearny
Fort Platte
Fort Reno
Fort Sanders
Camp Stambaugh
Fort Washakie
Fort Yellowstone

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