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Other Best-Loved Dessert Recipes

  1. Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking from AlansKitchen.comApple Dumplings

  2. Apple Pudding

  3. Bavarian Cream

  4. Cheese Pudding

  5. Cherry Pudding

  6. Chocolate Pudding

  7. Chocolate Speise (Chocolate Pudding)

  8. Comforts

  9. Cottage Pudding

  10. Cream Puffs

  11. Cup Custard

  12. Custard Sauce

  13. Feinpudding (Delicate Pudding)

  14. Fig Custard Pudding

  15. Fruit Fritters

  16. Fruit Pudding

  17. Grischdagringel (Christmas Ring)

  18. Hard Sauce

  19. Huckleberry Pudding with Lemon Sauce

  20. Kugelhopf (Turk's Cap)

  21. Lemon Custard

  22. Lemon Pudding

  23. Moravian Plum Pudding

  24. Mrs. Funk's Apple Dumplings

  25. Orange Puffs

  26. Peach Custard

  27. Peach Pudding

  28. Plum Pudding II

  29. Rahmpudding (Cream Pudding)

  30. Red Raspberry Pudding

  31. Snowballs

  32. Tokey

  33. Vanilla Sauce

  34. Wine Sauce

Everyone knows that Pennsylvania's favorite desserts are, of course, pies and cakes. However, that's not to say that there's nothing else to eat? Usually pie and cake appear at the same time-and more than one kind of each. But just in case someone might have a desire for a dish of custard or an apple dumpling, well, there'd better be dessert. Anyhow, cake is an accessory, isn't it; meant to go with something else? A pudding, maybe? It would never do for anyone to go away from a Pennsylvania German table hungry-as though they could!

But it's just as bad if they go away thinking of something they wished Mom had made and didn't. To be on the safe side, Mom decides to have fruit fritters for dinner, or perhaps a cherry pudding. Although quantity is the word, it is not mean that there is any lack of quality. There is always plenty of country butter in the dessert; often they make it with cream and usually with dozens of eggs. Probably the Pennsylvania German makes more use of eggs and flour in their cookery than any other cooks on earth!

And the cream! There had better be a pitcher of it handy; it's good poured over a pudding. Or perhaps there ought to be a sauce for the pudding. Therefore, for a couple of centuries, hearty desserts have followed hard upon hearty meals. Not for the Pennsylvania Dutch is the slight confection, the dessert so passing that all you remember about it afterward is the flavor. Oh no! Pennsylvania desserts are rich and generous, aimed at providing satisfactory nourishment and the comfortable feeling, when you push back your chair (if you can), that you sat down to eat and that's what you've been doing. In the meantime, pass the pie-and the cake-and I guess there ought to be a dish of pudding to go with the cake.


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