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Delicious Pennsylvania Dutch Fish and Seafood Recipes

Philadelphia is the only Pennsylvania city having direct traffic with the sea, so that leaves the Pennsylvania Dutch pretty much dependent upon Philadelphia for ideas about seafood. Indeed, in the old days they were dependent upon Philadelphia if they got any at all. 

The German's like fish but do nothing particularly unusual in fish cookery. They are extremely fond of lobster and crab as well as oysters and clams, but rather more inclined to eat seafood in restaurants than to prepare it at home.

My own most vivid impression of Pennsylvania seafood cookery is the memory of my grandfather occupied the kitchen to show them how to fry oysters as they should be fried. Grandpa Baker showed everyone the method he had learned in a Philadelphia club while attending medical school. 

He claimed that he had paid the chef five dollars (no mean sum in those days) to teach him how. So-for the rest of his life-he taught all his family how to fry oysters whenever he did it himself! It became rather wearying and the family would have evaded his dinner invitations gladly if the oysters had not been so superb.

The hubbub in the kitchen, while he held forth was terrific, and everyone who could fled the spot. But how they gulped down those oysters! I can hear my grandfather shouting as though it were yesterday, his opinion of "the damn fools who wipe dry an oyster and ruin it! It takes away the natural goodness. "

Dip them dripping, do you hear me? Dripping! That's the way they fry oysters in Philadelphia.  It is not recorded that he had any other culinary skills.

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