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Fastnachtkuche and Raised Doughnuts

Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking from AlansKitchen.comBelow we have 4 recipes for Fastnachtkuche or Raise Doughnuts. For the Fastnachtkuche, we used the original method of cutting out the doughnuts in diamond shape with a knife split across the top. The Raised Doughnuts use the doughnuts with holes.

The Pennsylvania Germans used the Old World tradition of using a dish to finish the fats before lent on Ash Wednesday. They called it Fastnacht Day.

Some believe it really begins before the Europeans became Christians. These people from along the Rhine River had a goddess of spring called Oestara. Eating doughnuts or Fastnachtkuche was giving offerings for bountiful crops to Oestara.

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