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Best Quick Breads and Coffee Cakes Recipes

In this section, we discover the breads and cakes made with baking powder. The bread dough process is a long and watchful. In the early days, it required setting aside of one whole day for baking. Even today, it is a timely process. However, with the help of baking soda, baking powder and cream or tartar, you can turn out quick breads can be turned out in a jiffy. In addition, they are foolproof.

No matter if it is morning or night, the Pennsylvania Germans love coffee. The morning "coffee break" with coffee and doughnuts was an early tradition and quickly adopted in the New World.

Farm life began early in the morning, they kept the coffee hot on the stove for those working the fields or tending the cows, to take a quick break. It was even ready for family or neighbors stopping by. There was a cup of steaming coffee and a slice of nut bread ready to enjoy.

If a neighbor stopped by, they usually brought a covered dish containing a warm coffeecake, topped with crumbs.

Later in the day, they might have kaffeeklatches, which many considered "gossiping coffee parties." Whatever the social occasion, there was bound to be coffee and all sorts of "cakes".

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