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Alan's Picnic Guides
Alan's Picnic Guides


4th of July Fish and Seafood Sandwich Recipes

Right here you will find easy and delicious 4th of July recipe idea.  You choose a dish suggestion that works for you, and then add the suggested side, salad, and even a terrific dessert. Good eating!

You can see all Fish and Seafood Sandwich recipes.

Do You Know?
Signature on the Declaration of Independence

...that Joseph Hewes (January 23, 1730 – November 10, 1779) was a native of Princeton, New Jersey, where he was born in 1730?

  • Hewes’s parents were part of the Quaker Society of Friends.

  • Immediately after their marriage they moved to New Jersey, which became Joseph Hewes’s home state.

  • Hewes was formally educated at Princeton and after college he became an apprentice of a merchant.

  • After finishing his apprenticeship he earned himself a good name and a strong reputation, which would serve him well in becoming one of the most famous signers of the Declaration of Independence for North Carolina, along with William Hooper and John Penn.

  • After a few years as a successful merchant, he became very wealthy.

  • Hewes moved to Edenton, North Carolina at the age of 30 and won over the people of the state with his charm and honorable businesslike character.

  • Hewes was elected to the North Carolina legislature in 1763, only three years after he moved to the state.

  • Second to the delegates of Massachusetts, Hewes was a pioneer of independence who influenced his state to be more rebellious during the years leading up to the revolution.

  • After being re-elected numerous times in the legislature, Hewes was now focused on a new and more ambitious job as a continental congressman.

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