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Santa Fe Pork Chops
Main Dish Recipes from AlansKitchen.comMakes 6 servings

This pork chop recipes reminds me of the famous
restaurants in Old Santa Fe.



  1. In a small bowl, mix chili powder, green chile, cumin, cilantro, pepper and salt together and spread evenly on both sides of chops.

  2. Cover with plastic wrap and place in refrigerator for 30 minutes to allow the spices to be absorbed into the chops.

  3. Preheat fry pan to medium heat. Add olive oil to hot pan and place chops in pan. Cook the chops for 7-8 minutes. Turn chops and cook for 7 minutes more. Serve with Salsa on the side.

Add salsa to the dish.

Picnicking & Tailgating:

Make a day or two ahead.  Heat (on stove or in microwave) before leaving.  Pour into a thermal container and serve when you reach your destination.


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