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Glossary: L-Q

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Lentils: ranging in color from green to black to red and yellow, lentils are a staple in Indian cuisine and a good source of protein. They're cooked in boiling liquids, similar to dried beans, but don't take nearly as long to soften as dried beans.


Mafalda pasta: pasta shaped like mini lasagna noodles with ruffled edges and a flat center.


Niçoise olives: [nee-SWAHZ], a small purplish-black olive from southern France.


Pasteurized crabmeat: found in the refrigerated meat case, pasteurized crab is specially packaged to retain freshness and quality.
Prosciutto: [proh-SHOO-toh], an Italian air-dried, salt-cured ham.


Queso anejo: [KAY-soh ahn-NYEH-hoh], a firm Mexican cheese made from either goat's or cow's milk. Also called "cojita."

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