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Glossary: D-G

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Double boiler: used to gently melt chocolate and cook heat-sensitive foods like custards, a double boiler is a two-pot cooking vessel where one pot nests inside another. Water simmers in the bottom pot, heating the pot above.


Escarole: a lettuce related to endive. Escarole has large leaves like romaine and has green curly edges with a white center rib. Eaten raw or cooked, escarole has a slightly bitter flavor.


Fennel: a bulb-like vegetable with a white base and green, celery-like stalks with feathery fronds. All parts of the plant can be eaten, although the bulb is the most popular. Fennel adds a light licorice flavor to dishes when either cooked or eaten raw.
Fines herbes: [FEEN erb], a classic French mixture of minced herbs, traditionally chervil, chives, parsley and tarragon.


Goat cheese: a white cheese made from goat's milk with a distinct tangy flavor. Young goat cheeses are soft and creamy; those that have been aged tend to be firmer and a bit more tangy.

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