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Roasting: What is roasting?

Roasting is a dry-heat cooking method (which means there’s no water involved) where meats, poultry, fish or vegetables are cooked in the oven.

AK Home Cooking SolutionsTo prepare meat for roasting, season it with salt and pepper. Some recipes may instruct you to season with spice rubs or herb pastes for even more flavor, but all meats, beef, pork, poultry and lamb, will be delicious even when seasoned with only salt and pepper. Remove excess surface fat from the meat, but don’t remove all of it. The fat will melt and baste the meat during roasting.

If you are roasting a chicken, it’s often best to split the bird for faster, more even cooking. That’s because the chicken is shaped awkwardly and the breast meat often cooks faster than the leg and thigh meat. To split the chicken, use kitchen shears to cut down both sides of the backbone. With the backbone removed, you can either cut the bird in half through the breast meat or flatten it out slightly before cooking. Season both sides with salt and pepper, then roast it skin side up.


Depending on the cut of meat, roasts, especially beef, pork or lamb, may be tied so they hold their shape and cook evenly. Leave the strings on during cooking, you’ll trim them off before serving.

With poultry, white meat and dark meat are considered properly cooked at different temperatures. For white meat, 150° F. is good; for dark meat it's 180° F.

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