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Starting Out: Pantry Tips:

AK Home Cooking Solutions1) To get the most flavor out of herbs and spices, store them, tightly sealed, in the coolest, darkest part of the pantry. And hold on to them for just 6 to 8 months—they lose their punch if kept longer than that.

2) Kosher salt is granular salt that’s been pressed together into large, irregularly-shaped flakes. These flakes dissolve easily and provide plenty of flavor because of the wide surface area they cover. If a recipe calls for kosher salt and all you have is table salt, use half the amount called for in the recipe (for example, for 1 teaspoon kosher salt, use ½ teaspoon table salt). Table salt is stronger tasting than kosher salt.

3) Extra virgin olive oil is from the first pressing of olives. Depending on the olives’ variety and ripeness, color can range from grassy green to golden. Its flavor tends to be assertive, but that also varies with olive variety and ripeness. Virgin olive oil is from the second pressing of the olives; it's usually milder in taste and color than extra virgin oil.

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