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Bath Bun

The Bath bun is possibly descended from the 18th century 'Bath cake'. References to Bath buns date from 1763, and they are still produced in the Bath area of England.

The original 18th century recipe used a brioche or rich egg and butter dough and then covered with caraway seeds coated in several layers of sugar similar to French drag�e. It is said to have been devised by a Dr W Olivier who was a doctor treating visitors who came to Bath for the spa waters. He later invented the Bath Oliver biscuit, when Bath buns proved to be too fattening for his patients with rheumatism.

The present day version of this bun uses a rich, sweet yeast dough shaped round that has a lump of sugar baked in the bottom and more crushed sugar sprinkled on top after baking. Variations in ingredients include candied fruit peel, currants or larger raisins or sultanas.

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