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Muffin (English)

A muffin (US: English muffin), also known as a hot muffin or a breakfast muffin, is a round, yeast-leavened form of bread almost always dusted with cornmeal.  It is of English origin. Muffins are most often eaten at breakfast in Britain, North America and Australia, but may also be served as an afternoon meal or snack.

HistoryEnglish Muffin
An old English nursery rhyme, "The Muffin Man", describes a door-to-door purveyor of muffins. The rhyme was known at the time of Jane Austen in the early 19th century, and a muffin man is mentioned at one point in her novel Persuasion.  The muffins sold at this period were made of yeasted dough and baked on a hot griddle.

Muffins may well originate as far back as the 10th century, yet the muffin became a fashionable bread during the 18th century.  By the beginning of the 19th century, there were dozens of muffin factories in existence, and the "muffin man" was a common sight.

Muffins are a quick-baking bread and have become a tea-table staple.  They are usually split, toasted, buttered and then used with a savory or sweet filling such as honey.

In North America and Oceania
Muffins are commonly available for retail in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.  They are also found on the breakfast menus of American fast food restaurants worldwide.  In Canada and the United States, muffins are called English muffins.

They are most often toasted and then topped with butter and/or jam.  They are also used in breakfast sandwiches with meat (bacon, ham, or sausage), egg (fried, scrambled, poached or steam-poached) and/or cheese.  They are the base ingredient in the traditional New York brunch dish Eggs Benedict.

United Kingdom
Muffins are still a household favorite and most British supermarkets sell variations on the standard bread muffin, notably cheese, whole meal and even cinnamon and raisin.  Muffins are also available in traditional British tea rooms, served with breakfast or high tea although tea cakes are more commonly found in such places.

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